Paper Walls

Rory was now physically talking to me, something we hadn't done for a while.

''Evangeline...Please...Listen to me!''

''Come on snap out of it!''

''The girl I love is not talking to me Evangeline! Do you have any idea how painful that is?'' Rory's voice finally got through. You know. Somehow.

''What did you say? Your in love with some girl that's not talking to you? Aw that sucks,'' A smile played upon my lips, and I think it may have even reached my tired eyes.

''Yeah, it does. Now is she going to kiss me or isn't she?''

''Hmm. Did you ask her?'' Rory leaned down and kissed me fiercely.

''You know, for a girl you love, you have only kissed me twice,'' I smiled naughtily. At this point, we reverted to our own form of communication.

''Well, we haven't been alone very much...''

''We are now,''

''Hmm. But you have some serious talking to do. Like talking about what was running through your mind when you shut down on me?'' Rory inquired, his voice gentle, but with an air of persistence.

''Actually...talking about our little mind thing,''

''Yes my gorgeous girl?''

'' You promised to explain. So...''

''Well...Ok. There's this thing. I can hear you when you make an attempt to talk to me, and at the moment, whatever you think, when you're not totally shutting down,'' He said, winking cheekily.

''And you?'' I had a funny feeling that he was hearing everything I was thinking, and he...

''Yeah, sorry babes.''

''So how are you doing it!'' I exclaimed (yes actually speaking) in frustration.

Rory practically laughed his way off of the bed at this point, I think laughing at my expression of indignance.

''Oh god you're funny sometimes...''

''RORY!'' I wasn't really angry. I wanted to jump him to be quite honest...

And we were both on the floor, me lying on him, giggling like children. 

''Evangeline. Try not talking to me.''


''Block your mind, not half as completely as you did earliear.''

I tried. And tried. But Rory said he could still hear me...

So I tried once more, and suddenly I could feel something that felt like a paper wall around my mind, bending and waving against my thoughts...

''Stop! Please, let me in Line!'' Rory yelled at me. I blinked in surprise.

''What's wrong? Did I do it all wrong?'' Worry flooded in through my voice, as I saw Rory's face. It was pallid and ashen, and he looked as though he was witnessing torture.

''No! Just...I can't stand not being with you!'' Rory sounded in pain, which in turn caused me pain, seeing him so.

''But Ror, we are together? Aren't we?''  Now I was panicking, what was wrong?

''Leave down your wall Line!''

I did as he asked, though I had been totally unaware that I had kept it up the whole time.

Rory's face relaxed, and he took me into his arms, and rocked me back and forth.

I knew now, that he felt my confusion. ''Answer me, Ror.''

''I-I couldn't stand being blocked from you like that,''

I felt my eye's soften, but - ''Rory, I'm always blocked from you,'' I said gently. ''I want to feel connected to you, as you feel to me, Rory, Why are you blocking yourself from me?''

The End

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