Ruined stones, changed future

Ida's explanations took another hour. I sat down, in a state of what could only be called shock. Rory now sat by my side, trying to comfort me, but my mind felt like it had shut down, and I now could not feel his presence in my mind any longer. This terrified me further, but all I could really think about was what Ida had said.

''Zachariah Kelpington. This is a name you will not forget Line. That man was pure evil, every last cell of him, I know it in my bones. In 1792, Zachariah stole a kashian stone. He killed the Tahistorians observing the stone, the emerald enigma, as it was so called, and carried it away. This is where history leaves us. No-one knows what atrocities he performed upon the stone, but whatever he did, he ruined the beautiful green stone forever. Soon, all the Kashian stones were ruined-''

''Why? Did he steal those too? Why didn't the Tahistori place greater protection-'' My mind had buzzed with unanswered questions.

''Enough! If you let me finish Line!'' Ida had thundered. Somehow, I just don't see her as a grandma anymore.

 Ida had then continued ''By ruining the emerald enigma, he ruined all Kashian stones. It was simply part of their magic. But, worse, if you can imagine, than just ruining the stone's beauty, Zachariah had rendered the stones evil. They caused havoc, causing so-called 'natural disasters' and worse than this- the stones began using their magic to change the future.'' Ida had stopped here, whether for effect, or because she found the story emotionally draining to tell, I don't know.

''What do you mean, they changed the future? How would you know if the future has been changed?'' God, this was all so confusing. Rory was still holding me, in that oak bed, still there. Still mine. We could- oh. I must pay attention. The bed shook with Rory's laughter, for at this point, we were still connected in mind, for Ida had not told the worst of her story yet.

''Trust me, Evangeline. You'd notice if the future was changed. People cured of cancer suddenly died, their post mortems confirming an unheard of re growth of massive tumours within days.''

'' Calculated stock markets crashed, insane men allowed to rule countries... Line, some of the most damaging events in history were all down to the Kashian Stones.'' Rory added gravely.

'' The Wall Street Crash of 1929. The passing of the Enabling Act in 1933, an act that allowed Hitler to rule as dictator for four years...thus causing world war two, and the death of millions of people. And now, thinking about it, I understand your question. How do we know that these events were anything to do with the Kashian Stones and not some other force? I'll tell you how, Line. Because throughout history, whenever something horrific or bizarre happened, a particle of a kashian stone was found, somewhere significant. Yes, the Tahistori knew what was happening, and they knew they needed to do something to stop it,'' I remember my body and mind feeling numb at this point, the information of the weight of the situation slowly ebbing in.

''Evangeline. The Tahistori did do something to stop the Stones. Line, they created the Kashian Protectors.''

The End

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