A million questions, numerous stories, and one Rory

I woke once more, to find concerned brown eyes leaning over me. With anyone else, I would jump, but it so happened these were the very things to calm me.

''Do you have any idea of the worry, Evangeline?'' I could see he was trying to be stern, but relief washed over his voice, that was shaking ever so slightly.


''Do you know how long you've been out?''

'''No idea,''

''Three, long, terrifying days.''

''I'm so sorry... Wait a sec...''

''Yeah?'' A smile crept upon his face, as if he understood my confusion. I had a feeling he did. ''We haven't uttered a single syllable,''

''Oh my god. This is so weird, and amazing. I can hardly believe I haven't dreamed it all up. You're in my head!''

''And you're in mine!''

''Did Ida explain herself further?''

''Yes. And I think it would be, nicer, for want of a better word, if... as your partner-'' His eyes were twinkling at this. ''If, I told you. Perhaps I might understand it better for myself too.'' He smiled gently. ''And I should probably get on with it, 'cos if I know you, and I think I do, you're going crazy with being left in the dark,'' He chuckled, and I scowled. But he was right. It was driving me crazy not knowing what was happening, to my mind, and my destiny.

''Do you want to sleep first? You've been through so much, what with the process and all,''

''I've been sleeping for four whole days! Please just tell me,''

''Maybe you should drink and eat first...''

''Stop fussing Rory, and tell me.''

He took a deep breath and smiled gently. ''Okay, okay, push over, let me in,''

I delightedly made room for him, and my skin tingled as he wrapped his arms around me. He seemed quite gratified by our new embrace, and I sighed with contentment.

''Go on, Rory,''

''Um, it started back in 802 A.D. There was a group of um, er...god. What do I say Line? How did Ida put it...'' Rory seemed embarrassed, and I turned my face up, towards his, to see a blush forming.

Then Ida spoke. ''It's ok Rory, concentrate on comforting her through this,''  I had no idea when she had crept in, but I was grateful that she was taking the pressure from Rory.

''A group of magic-users called the Tahistori, were secretly powerful and ruled part of many cities and had an extensive network of communicants. They, as the most important beings and magic users, roamed the earth quietly, collecting information on magic rituals and practices throughout the world. On their travels, they discovered sixteen stones. They were the Kashian stones. They  had scintillating, iridescent surfaces with hues varying with each stone. They were each around seven inches wide, and five long, with about two inches in depth. The stones were almost living, and seemed to be conscious. The stones had magical powers, which caused a great interest, as you can imagine, among the Tahistori.''

Ida took a moment to take a drink, and I laid in Rory's arms, spinning in confusion. What had these Tahistori to do with me and Rory, or my family for that matter? This all seemed to be part of a dream world, that I had been transported to. Rory seemed to sense my rising panic, and began tracing slow, calming circles on my arms, with his delicate fingers. I laid my head against his chest and he kissed my forehead gently. Ida seemed amused and a little shocked by her niece's behaviour, but continued with her tale, I guess deeming it unimportant for the time being.

''The Tahistori observed the stones, and tracked them down whenever they disapeared. Disapearing, you see or 'random transportation' as it became to be known, was one, or I should say, is one of the Kashian stone's abilities. This is when something dark and unmentionable happened. I will explain only once to you, my dear Evangeline. Line, pay close attention,''

I sat up, but honestly, could I have been paying any closer attention? This tale seemingly had everything to do with what was happening , and what was to happen, and I was doing my best to absorb every detail.

Rory chuckled, and Ida and I both turned to look at him. Could he know every thought I was thinking?

''Yes,'' I heard him whisper gently inside my mind. ''You will understand better later, I'll explain when we're on our own,''

Satisfied, I laid back once more, and Rory said to Ida ''Please continue,''

And she did.

The End

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