As my eyes fluttered open, daylight flooded in through my pupils, shrinking them quickly. Ida was sitting beside me, as I had deduced from my moments of conciousness.

''Hello, dear. You're alive at least. I've seen one or two where the process was simply too much. But I knew you'd get through. Rory came through very quickly. One of the quickest...''

As Ida ranted on about people she used to know, I orientated myself in my new surroundings. It wasn't anywhere I knew, it was brightly lit, not I could see now, from daylight, but bright artificial white light. The room was completely painted white, with lime green curtains. I was on a strangely traditional-looking oak bed, that seemed totally out of place in this hospital-like room.

I interrupted Ida abruptly ''Ida, where on earth am I?''

Ida let out a short barking laugh. ''Dear, you are in the process room,''

''Sorry, but I'm even more confused now,'' What is she on about?

''Were you never told our stories Line?'' Ida's normally soft voice became suddenly sharp with this.

Unsure of what 'our stories' were, I shook my head.

''Just like Lily to leave it to the last minute...In this case too late,'' Ida tutted quietly.

''Line, my dear, you are now to be told the truth of your past,''

''Who's been lying?'' I knew hurt was splashed across my face. How many times had I asked Lily? How many times had I probed for more?

''You my dear, come from a long line of kashian protectors, an elite group of couples, destined for a specific task to share with your partner,''

I sat there stunned into silence. Protectors? What on earth...? I had a million questions running through my mind, but I realised something...the burning on my chest before I blacked out, the heat I could feel coming from Rory's while he kissed me...

''Ida, has this something to do with the lockets? Rory's and mine? They burned...The same symbol...''

With this, Ida nodded gravely. ''Yes. They are, well, a kind of key, each protector family has one, yours belonged to your mother, Line, Melody. She was the protector in our generation for our family. Now, it's you. After a while your special ability, or power, will become known to you,''

''I think it already has, Ida'' I murmured quietly.

''Yes?' Ida said excitedly.

''I heard Rory speak to me, er, inside my head. He told me to wake up,''

''Thank goodness he did,'' she smiled kindly.

''Hmm, And when you said partners-''

''Rory. It's set in stone,''


''Yes, my dear?''

''I think...I do have a billion questions, and you have a story to tell..but I'm so...''

And with that I think I blacked out again. This time, from being totally and completely overwhelmed.


The End

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