Kissing and burning

Stillness had come over the room as I tried memorising the quotes. ''Ror, can you pass me the play..''

I looked up at him, and his lips came down on mine, gentle at first, but he became more passionate, fiercer, and before I knew it I was kissing him back, and my hands were in his dark hair, and his hand was around my neck.

I can't believe we're doing this...I was so sure he only wanted to be friends. I had even tried accepting it, no matter how vainly...

It was about around then when I noticed that something was burning my chest, and I could feel heat coming from his chest too...

And everything went black.

I could hear voices muttering around me... Who was that? Lily? Why's she home?

As I faded in and out of conciousness, I caught little snippets of information. Like, Lily had taken time off work. What was that about? She never took holiday pay...only a couple of days at christmas at most. And once I even heard my other aunt Ida, a good fifteen years older than my mom and Lily, Ida visited now and again and had always felt like a grandma to me. I heard her crooning softly beside me. If only I could open my eyes, and ask her why she was here, what was going on. But I couldn't muster the strength, not yet , not quite.

And there was something else, something my intuition spoke softly...Something is with you. Or someone. Not Ida, nor Lily. It...almost felt like...they were inside my conciousness. And they felt so familiar.

And then a melodic voice spoke, that someone, and I knew from the feeling in the pit of my stomach that it was Rory, my Rory, and he was speaking to me from my mind.

''Hey, open up those green eyes, you're starting to worry me,''

And so I did.

The End

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