Chocolate releases seratonin you know

As we entered the cafe through the red peeling door I knew so well, I noticed a locket hanging around his neck. It was gold, whereas mine was silver, but ... the symbol on the chain, what I had always taken to be as some artistic design, was replicated on his.

''Your locket...''

''Yeah?'' Rory said absentmindedly as he looked through the menu card the adoring blonde waitress had placed on the table.

''It has the exact same symbol on it!'' I surprised myself by feeling excited about the discovery.


''Mine.'' And with that I pulled mine out from underneath my sweater.

''Huh. Funny. ''

''Do you not think it means something?''

''Er, do you? I'm sure it's simply by the same designer or something..''

''Right. Well fine. ''

''You still think it means something , don't you?''


''Be rational. I mean- ''

''I have a feeling about it, ''

''Do you get lots of these feelings?''

''Only when something significant happens, ''

''You think this is something significant? What like we were made for each other!'' His sarcy and amused tone made me smile, despite my annoyance at his stubborness. I gave him a whack across his arm and we both burst into laughter.

We had  our chocolate and had a bunch of laughs.  I showed him around the town and really started to enjoy his company. He happened to be quite the joker, and was always making me smile.

The weeks passed and I was soon spending every other minute with Rory. He became closer to me than any of my childhood friends. He was my best friend, no doubt about it.

Exams were coming up, and I was doing my best to study, though Rory always seemed to be a constant distraction, while we were at his, his guitar did not help matters, nor did the fact he sang with a beautifully original voice. I loved listening to him, and sometimes I played quietly along with him, which he adored, but I hated the attention on me and usually stopped someway between songs.

Today, he was coming around to study, something he did so rarely, I planned to cram information into his head. I had learned over the time we had spent together that his parents had died when he was four, and he had been passed around by different relatives since then, the reason he was staying with Amy's family. He was never sorry for himself and always remained positive, he'd always say things could be a lot worse, or crack a joke.

The bell rang and I answered it quickly, half-running to the door. I twisted open the lock and opened it up.

He stood there leaning against the frame, with his guitar gig bag on his back. A dazzling smile spread across his beautiful face.

''Hey! Studying remember?'' I asked, trying to hide my amusement, and for once trying to look stern.

''Yeah well...Could we study through music?''

''Er no! Get your butt inside into that room and sit down at that desk!''

''Ah jeez...'' He gave me another dazzler and winked.

We were settling down to revising 'Othello' quotations, when it happened.


The End

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