Eight Sufficient Minutes

''Are you quite alright? '' I looked up to find his concerned eyes watching me.

''Uh huh,'' (why had  I suddenly turned incoherent?)

''Good,'' He smiled warmly, letting his eyes sparkle in the way I had  become accustomed to in the last eight minutes.

I can only describe the last eight minutes as completely nonsensical. He welcomed me in, he drew up a chair. And we sat, giving each other what was considerably more than passing glances. We exchanged little titbits of conversation. But we both sat in the little oak kitchen, completely overwhelmed.

''So! How's it all going?! '' Amy burst back into the room, and looked dissapointed by the apparent lack of activity.

What can I say? Maybe only we could feel it. It being this feeling of completion, like someone had finally fitted the last piece of my soul. Wait a minute- this is crazy - I have just met this guy, exchanged a handful of words, and I'm talking about him completing me! Uh, these teenage hormones.

I made my excuses, and left the farmhouse, feeling foolish as I went. My locket that I have had since birth felt heavy against my chest as I ran down the lane towards my house.

'' Evangeline! Evangeline! Wait! '' Rory shouted as he ran.

'' Yeah? ''

''Um...Well...'' Now who sounded stupid?

''What's up?''

''Will you show me around?'' The anxious smile on his lips made my heart skip a beat.

''Sure, why not? Though I would hate to deprive Amy, '' (A coherent sentence!)

He chuckled and looked up at me.

''I wouldn't worry, I think our meeting has caused enough excitement for one day. Besides, I'd like you to, '' I swear my heart was beating so loudly at this he could hear it .

''Come on , you've never lived until you have had an o'conail chocolate. ''

I heard him mutter something, though I could not swear to it. It almost sounded like ''living comes with meeting...'' and to the last word I can hardly believe- but I thought he uttered ''you''.

The End

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