Love unlocks a key

Evangeline is a 'normal' 16 year old girl, well normal to a certain extent,what with an enigmatic family past, and this unshakeable mysterious air around her sometimes...
When she meets Rory, a seventeen year old musician far from home and orphaned, their lives intertwine and change for life...They find love, comfort, and a long lost secret...

It was one of those blistering cold winter evenings, where cracked, blue lips and chattering teeth are must-have accessories. I hurried through the streets, my heavy boots crunching on the grey snow, my dark hair whipping across my face with the wind.

    I caught sight of the cafe, where I was to meet my friend Amy, where they happened to serve the best chocolate for miles around. As I pushed open the peeling red painted door, I heard the bell tinkling my welcome. At that moment I saw Amy, her fiery red hair neatly secured in a ponytail, and her freckled skin pink from the cold.

    It was evident from the way Amy's foot was tapping against her chair at an alarming speed that she was anxious to share some 'incredible' news with me.

''There you are!'' Amy exclaimed impatiently, and quickly beckoned me forward.

''Hello to you too.'' Amy rolled her eyes as I drew a chair and quickly collapsed into it.

''You will not believe what has happened! Or, should I say, who!''  I grimaced slightly at her high pitched strident tones, that were attracting the attentions of all the other customers, who were now staring quite intently, some indignant that the lovely calming atmosphere of the cafe had been disturbed, others plainly curious.

''Go on, '' I smiled as warmly as possible - I could not stand the focus of the cafe on our little table.

''My father's godson, Rory, has come to stay with us!'' Amy's shrill voice failed to lower.

''That's nice, '' I said, now confused by the apparent importance of this 'urgent' news.

'' And, I don't mind informing you, that he is completely gorgeous! Big, almond shaped, intense brown eyes, and gorgeous floppy brown hair... Shame we're some way related, '' She sighed audibly.

''And this is important because..?'' I enquired quietly, though I already had a good grasp of Amy's idea.

''Well he's got this mysterious air about him, and it reminded me of you...You'd be so great together!''

    As I walked home, I thought about the remainder of that conversation. She had rejected my protestations, and forced me to promise to come by her house the next day, to meet Rory. I cringed thinking about it. Amy had all the best intentions, but I would really rather just find someone by chance, and... well. Imaginings. None of the guys in school were anything special, just guys. To meet someone different, decent...Well it was the stuff of dreams.


The End

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