Chapter Seven ContinuedMature

"We met at her junior prom and you should've seen her, she was too fucking bad I had to hurry up and get her number." She laughed and I just blushed. "Aye sis when did you get out here and did mom come with you ?!"

"Naw she didn't come they all wanted to stay out there and I been here for about a month."

"Why the hell you didn't tell me you were coming out here, where you staying at?!"

I just got back to work. I was kind of mad cause he was supposed to be here for me but it's whatever. I mean that is his sistah. As soon as I walked away he came after me and grabbed my hand.

"I'm sorry ma I didn't know my sistah was here you know, I gotta make sure everything is cool with my family."

"It's okay I'm not tripping but I gotta get back to work now so I'll talk to you whenever."

I walked away but he came after me again and I was shocked.

"When can I see you again ma?!"


"Damn well what you doing after work?!"

"Going out."

"Well I'mma just stick around here and talk to you while your working cause I came here to be with you."

I smiled and said okay. We talked the whole time until it was time for me to go. Damn I couldn't take my eyes off of Angelo. He has long curly hair which was in a ponytail and he had deep dimples with grayish almond shaped eyes, which had specks of almost every eye color in it. He was like 6'5 very muscular and was a little lighter than me. You could tell that nigga had like a six pack or an eight pack and he had an accent. He was just too damn sexy for his own good. It was time for me to go and I didn't really want to, I wanted to stay and finish talking to him. I felt arms wrap around my waist and a kiss go on my neck.

"Hay baby you ready?!"

It was Josh, I turned around and he pulled me into a kiss and I kissed back of course. I forgot Angelo was still there. I pulled away and seen him walking out, so I went after him.

"Angelo wait."

"What ma?! Why you didn't tell me you had a man?!"

"He's not my man okay, I went out on a date with him yesterday and we're going out again today."

"Yea aight deuces."  

He walked away dammit! I walked back and told Tini bye, grabbed my stuff and Josh hand and then we left. I tried to talk to Josh but he didn't say anything to me. We got to my house and he sat down in the living room while I went to go change. I put on some red skinny's and a black shirt that said LOOKIE BUT NO TOUCHIE! in red I threw on some red and black J's. When I was done I went to go check on Granny but she wasn't here which meant she was most likely at church, so I told Josh let's go. He still hasn't said anything to me and I'm starting to get mad. Shoo if he ain't gone talk to me then what's the point of going on this damn date with him?! Tini texted me and we were chatting for a bit. I'm still shocked that I haven't heard from my bestie like seriously, what the fuck is his problem?! He need to check hisself cause I'm not in the mood for bull from my own damn bestfriend!

The End

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