Chapter Seven ContinuedMature

I smiled again. "Aww that's cute." I leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, he tried to deepen the kiss but I pulled back and told him to go before I be late. When we got to my job I tried to get out but Josh pulled me into a passionate kiss that lasted like five minutes. He was such a good kisser but I had to go, i'm not trying to be late. So I said bye and hopped out before he could stop me.

"Hay hay girl, what's up?!"

"Hay Tinisha, how's it going?!"

"Boring as hell, you know these bitches here don't know how to have any fun!"

"Aha you crazy, well i'm here now so let's get this party started right!"

That girl is so crazy but she hella cool, I could see me and her being really good friends or even besties. She was from N'Awlins so she wasn't like these heifers out here. We worked and chatted and had hella fun which is rare whenever I'm here cause I'm telling you these hoes don't know how to kick it. Me and Tini are the ones always bringing in customers and shit. We work at BITCH TASTE THE MUTHAFUCKING RAINBOW!! Aha I thought of that name cause what they originally had was eww. My lunch break came around and me and Tini roamed the mall buying a few thangs. Knockout by Lil Wayne started playing so that mean I had a text message. It was from this dude name Angelo I had met at the prom.

I got a little excited cause that nigga was freaking sexy, shoo you just don't know. He said "What's up gorgeous ." I didn't text him back until like five minutes later didn't wanna seem anxious ya know?!

Me - "Nothing at work."

Angelo - "Ohh fahreal where you work?!"


Angelo - "Aha ohh that's what's up, so when I'mma get to see you sexy?!"

Me - "Um idk, when do you want to?!"

Angelo - "Right now."

Me - "Okay well only for a few cause my break about to be over."

Angelo- "Kay I'mma be there in like 2 minutes."

Omgosh he's actually coming to see me, ugh I got butterflies in my stomach. Tini told me not to sweat him like that, you know calm down and act regular. Damn I almost fainted when I seen that nigga walking this way. Ugh my panties instantly got wet and my heart felt like it was gonna jump outta my chest, he was just too fine! We made eye contact and he smiled at me and my heart melted. I smiled back. He went to Tini and gave her a hug, I was confused how did she know him?! He then came and gave me a hug and I hugged back of course. I felt so safe in his arms, it was amazing.

He let me go and Tini turned to me and said "How you know my brother Nev?!" I was shocked, that was her brother?! He answered for me.

The End

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