Chapter Seven ContinuedMature

"Hay Tonii."

"Why you didn't call me back?!"

"Damn I'm sorry, I thought you would be sleep by then, I mean it was 1 when I got off so I just went to sleep."

"Wow are you fucking serious?! You know I can't go to sleep without talking to you first. You slipping Nevaeh, big fucking time yo!"

Click. Wtf (what the fuck) I know this nigga did not just hang up on me! Shit I know he mad and all but he is blowing shit way outta proportion. And I don't appreciate being hung up on so fuck him and his fucked up attitude. He can call me back when he done with his bitch fit! Fucking bastard gone wake me up outta my got damn sleep just so for him to yell at me and hang up! Ugh, niggas these flipping days! My radio was still on and Street Love was still playing so I turned it to my other jam Players Prayer by Lloyd and fell right back to sleep. Cause like I stated I needed my muthaflipping beauty sleep! &&Baby your heart is safe me, let me show you what love supposed to be, girl I wanna give you all of my street love . . .&& Damn I don't wanna get up but I have to, need to go make that paper and of course I wasn't tripping, that was my jam and Lloyd's sexy ass can get it any day aha! I got up went into the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. Then I got out and lotioned my body.

I threw on some black skinny's with a white shirt that said Trick Flip You And Your Life in gold, and some gold and white tenny's . I combed through my hair and decided to leave it curly, and I put some stud's in my ears . Applied some lip gloss and sprayed on some Sheer Love which completed my outfit . By the time I was done it was 11 so I still had time to get some breakfast. I grabbed a black sweater, my keys and phone, locked my room door and went downstairs. I made Granny and me breakfast, and I took it to her room so we could talk for a minute. Josh called so I had to bounce. Can you believe that my bestie still hasn't called me to apologize for that bullshit but it's all good, i'm not gone call him.

"Damn baby you look so good."

I looked up to see Josh looking me up and down while smiling.

"Aha I know right?! But thanks, you look good too." He smiled.

"Damn ma I don't get no hug no kiss no nothing?!"

"Ohh I'm sorry."

I gave him a hug and a peck on the lips and then I starting walking to the car. He opened the door for me and then he walked around and got in and faced me.

"Ma for real, that's all I get?!" I nodded. "Aight it'll have to do for now but how did you sleep last night gorgeous?!" I smiled.

"Good, I was knocked out and didn't wanna wake up. Aha, how about you?!"

"It was aight, it took me awhile to fall asleep after talking to you. You just kept running through my mind and I wanted to call you back so we could talk some more but, you said you needed your beauty sleep so I had no choice but to oblige."

The End

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