Chapter Seven: NevaehMature

Whoa! I'm so shocked right now, you just don't know. I seen my bestie naked, and I seen him jacking off, hell I even helped him. Not only that but we made out and he played with my candy box, but when he tried to eat me, I just had to stop him, even though I didn't want to. But I just knew he was thinking about one of those skinny bitches and I couldn't take it. Besides I want my first time being ate out to be special and I want the dude to be thinking about me and ONLY me! Why did me and Anthony have to be bestfriends, why couldn't he have liked me?! If he did I wouldn't be in this situation that I'm in now. I mean hell yeah I'm feeling Joshua and I want him to be my boo but I want Tonii more because I know he'd always be there for me. Ugh! I wish I could have him.

"Nevaeh baby you still there?!"

"Uh yea, my bad Josh, I was thinking about something, um so what were you saying?!"

"Well I asked you if we could go out again tomorrow after work ma, but we can talk about that later, I wanna know what you were thinking about."

"Ohh yea we can go out again, I would actually really like that."

"Okay great ma but I really wanna know what's on your mind."

"Um I actually really don't wanna talk about it, but um I gotta be at work at 12 and I get off at 7."

"Ohh okay ma well when I pick you up at 7 I'll take you home so you can get ready. Dress casual boo."

"Okay that sounds cool, so where we going?"

"Aha it's a surprise and be ready by 11:30 kay?!"

"Yeah okay I will."

We talked for like an hour and then I said I had to go because I need my beauty sleep. We hung up and I just laid there listening to Street Love by Lloyd, man I flipping LOVE that song! About an hour later I fell asleep but I was woke up by When I See You by Fantasia, I knew it was Tonii calling me. Damn why do I get all excited and nervous when he calls?!

The End

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