Chapter Six ContinuedMature

I started moving back down there but she stopped me and pushed me off of her.

"Tonii stop it dammit it’s me NEVAEH okay I know your probably thinking about another girl again and I'm sorry for leading you on cause to be honest I just removed your face and put Joshua's but I couldn’t do that anymore cause I knew who was really doing that stuff and that’s you my bestie."

Damn I was hurt this whole fucking time she was imagining that bitch ass nigga instead of me, that's why she responded the way she did like she wanted it but she didnt want it from me she wanted it from another nigga!! She thought I was thinking about another girl HELL NO I wasn't I knew what I was doing and who I was doing it to!! I'm speechless I couldn't even say anything I just sat there quiet not moving a muscle. She grabbed her shorts and went to the bathroom to clean up I guess.

Finally I said something to her. "Um I'm sorry Nev idk why I keep doing that shit ma I hope you forgive me cause I didn't mean to do that."

I got up and threw my clothes back on, grabbed my stuff cause I had to, naw fuck that, I NEEDED to hurry up and get the fuck out of there before I tell her how I really feel. I was about to leave but she grabbed my arm and I wish she wouldn't touch me right now. It's just making it harder for me to leave without spilling my guts.

"Tonii wait of course I forgive you baby I know you didn't mean it aha you need to go get you some for real cause you keep doing this but you gotta remember I'm not Lala or Tasha or them other girls its me your bestie. And you know i'll always forgive you I <3 you your always there for me and your the best bestie anyone could ask for."

She smiled at me.

"Aha lmao thank Nev you always know just what to say to make me feel better I <3 you too mama and your the BEST bestie in this WORLD."

I kissed her on the cheek and then I bounced I couldn't stay there any longer. Damn why didn't I just tell her how I feel I mean man yea I <3 Nevaeh but I also love her I'm so fucking in love with her and it kills me not to be able to tell her how I feel! Ugh I really just don't wanna deal with rejection from her I NEED her in my life I don't wanna lose her just cause I don't just love her as a bestie. We really really need some time apart man I cant take this it's getting harder and harder to hide what I'm feeling from her I know I'm starting to get obvious that I'm in love with her and want more than her friendship. Ugh shes right I do need to go get me some cause I can't keep jacking off looking at her pictures it's not really satisfying me anymore and now since I know how she look smell and taste like I know her picture ain't gone be enough I need it all from her. I wanna be her first for everything. Impossible by Shontelle started playing and I knew it was Nevaeh calling but I didn't wanna answer it but if I didn't I knew we would have some problems so I answered it.

"Yea Nev what's wrong?!"

"Nothing I was just making sure everything was okay with you I mean you hurried up and left so."

"Ohh aha yea ma I'm cool you need me to take you to work tomorrow?!"

"Naw Joshua said he was gone do it man I cant wait to see him I know we just went on our date today but I miss him. Hold on."

She had me on hold for about a minute and then she came back.

"Omgosh it's Joshua so I gotta go I'mma holla at you later I <3 you! Smooches!"

Then click. I'm fucking pissed right now no she didn't just hang up with me so she could talk to another nigga she didn't even wait for me to say anything back she just hung up on me! Ugh I don't appreciate that shit! Yup looks like I need to get back on the dating scene so I could get my feelings back in check! I'm really not feeling them girls from school though hopefully when we go back there'll be some new better looking girls with fat asses and some meat on they fucking bones cause I'm tired of those skinny girls. I mean dang didn't anyone tell them skinny wasn't in style anymore aha?!

The End

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