Chapter Six ContinuedMature

"Okay Tonii." When she said something to me I almost busted on the spot I almost lost it!

"Tonii we’re even now so you can stop or go in the bathroom to finish or something."

"Nah Nev I wanna stay out here and I want you to watch or come help me."

DAMN WTF!! Did I really just say that out loud?! She looked so shocked and like unprepared for that statement, hell I was unprepared my damn self I just hope she don’t slap me.

"WOW Tonii are you serious did you really just say that to me?!"

I started stuttering.

"Uhm I don’t know, look I'm sorry I didn’t mean to say that I really didn’t but . ."

She cut me off.

"Aha shut up Tonii my answer is yes i'll help you."

WHAT?! Did she just say she'd help me, am I fucking dreaming right now?!

"Uh um fffaahreal Nev you serious?!"

She smiled at me and I couldn’t take it anymore I had to kiss her. She kissed me back and I was beyond surprised maybe she feeling me like that after all maybe we can forget this best friend shit and become boyfriend and girlfriend damn I hope so!!

While we were tonguing each other down I took her hands and placed them on my member with mine on top of hers moving them up and down until she got the hang of it and was able to do it on her own. Damn that felt so FUCKING GOOD!! Ugh I wanted to eat her up for real she looked so damn sexy playing with my member like that I almost came. I started rubbing all over her body and my hands slowly started moving down to her candy box and I just hope she don’t stop me and let me in. She stopped kissing me but I just grabbed her lips again and she kissed me back. Her hand started rubbing my head slowly while her other hand was rubbing my member up and down the combination of what she was doing brought me to my breaking point and I whispered in her mouth that I was about to cum so I stopped kissing her and took both her hands off my member and went into the bathroom to finish. When I came out she was still in the same spot not moving so I sat back down by her and took her mouth in mine again.

She kissed me back and I pushed her down and opened her legs and I moved in between them. We were kissing for like 5 minutes and then I finally moved down to her neck and started nibbling on it. I caressed her body and my hand moved down to her candy box again and I slipped my hand in her boy shorts. Damn she was soo fucking wet man I love it! I took her shorts off completely so I could see that pretty pussy and smell it. I took my hand off her box and placed it in my mouth. DAMN DAMN DAMN!! She tasted so FUCKING DELICIOUS man I couldnt take it I had to have more so I started to move my head down there but she wouldn’t let me.

"Tonii get up we shouldn’t be doing this we got so carried away but we can’t let it go any further."

I could tell she was just scared of getting that pussy ate but it was to fucking late for her I wanted it and i'd do anything to get it.

"Damn Nev you messing stuff up just stop it ma and let me please you baby, let me do it please."

The End

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