Chapter Six: Touching You Oh So Softly . !Mature

Man I really didn’t wanna go over there and talk to Nevaeh cause I didn’t wanna hear about her date with that dude but she made sure to tell me everything that happened. But I was happy that she made me come over there cause if she didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to see that beautiful body of hers or see her playing with her candy box. Damn as soon as I saw her I instantly got hard ugh that girl don’t fucking know what she does to me it’s hard always trying to hide my hard-on so she won’t know that I'm feeling her like that even though I am. Ugh dammit I wish she was my girl. In actuality I don’t like skinny girls I like mine big, healthy, thick, phat whatever you call it. She gotta be a size 14 and up yahemii ?! I really do want her to be mine especially since I seen her goodies and what not. Damn that girl was absolutely breathtaking for real though and I could eat her up! Mmm.

Damn just thinking bout her is making my dick stand at attention. When I had made that offer to Nevaeh I was only half serious I mean cause I wanted her to see me naked and jacking off but I knew she would say no that’s why I suggested it. Boy did she surprise me when she said yea! Aha I can tell she was scared and a little nervous but she need to get over it cause shes in for the show of her life. Damn you should’ve seen her in that tub though any other nigga would’ve tried to fuck her on the spot or whatever. I was a little disappointed when I heard her saying that other nigga name shit I wanted her to be thinking about me and saying my name!

"Uh hello earth to Tonii!! Look we don’t have to do this I change my mind okay?!"

I looked at her like she was stupid and then I stood up and started taking off my clothes I could hear her gulp aha I know I look damn good!

"Naw Nevaeh you can’t back out of this now ma we gone get this over with so we can move on."

I was naked and she was looking me up and down. When her eyes got to my dick they got hella fucking big aha ya boy was packing trust and believe that. Shit I'm 9 and 1/2 inches. My dick is thick, long, and juicy aha. Then I started jacking off she wouldn’t watch me so I had to turn her face so she would. Damn this shit felt good with her watching me I wish she was the one doing it for me. I know her soft hands would feel so much better than mine shit she'd probably make me cum faster which I didn't want. What I want is to see her playing with that candy box of her’s and moaning my name. Ugh I'm so tempted to ask her to do that but I know i'd be crossing the line I mean come on you can’t ask your best friend some shit like that. She turned away again idk why she so shy damn any other girl would’ve been watching or doing it for me or sucking me up but not Nevaeh she wanted to be anywhere but here right now watching me.

"Nev you gotta look at me baby." She didn’t. "Nevaeh c’mon on look at me please." I kind of moaned her name when i said it and that’s what made her look at me.

The End

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