Chapter Five ContinuedMature

He kissed sooo good ugh! His lips were big soft and juicy just how I like em’. He knew exactly what to do with them and that tongue of his ugh! Boy was I wet but not as wet as Tonii made me. Tonii, damn I need to call my bestie and tell him about my day. I checked on Granny and told her I had an osome time then I went upstairs ran my bath water and put some Sweet Seduction up in the water, got undressed and called my bestie. He answered on the last ring which was unusual.

"Hay Tone what’s wrong?!"

"Nothing wrong Nev why you ask that for?!"

"Wow you must thank I’m dumb huh Anthony?! I know when something is wrong I can hear it all in your voice babes talk to me please."

"It’s nothing Nevaeh seriously what you doing baby?!"

"Ugh fine if that’s the way you wanna be and nothing I’m taking a bath I just got home from my date it was osome I had a really good time!"

I told him everything.

"Well that’s great."

He said that in a emotionless tone.

"Tonii what the fuck is your problem you know what when I’m done I’m coming over there."

"Nah I don’t need you to I’m good Nev for real."

"Either you come over here or I’m going over there which 1 do you want?!"

"Neither Nev I’m straight aight for real."

"Nope I’m coming over there I’m about to get out now."

"Okay okay boo I’m coming over there just relax and finish your bath, dang you don’t ever quit."

"Good boy aha and you damn straight I don’t!"

"Aight I’m on my way now okay?!"

"Okay hurry up I don’t got all day!"

"Whatever Nevaeh!"

With that said he hung up and so did I. I just closed my eyes and imagined Tonii coming in to kiss me and rub all over my body. Then he got in the tub with me and ate me out while rubbing my pleasure button. I was moaning and shit. The shit felt so good I didn't realize that like 15 minutes had passed. I opened my eyes cuz it felt like someone was staring at me and to my surprise I was the one playing with my button and Tonii was just standing there with his mouth open and his member standing up staring at me. I was soo fucking embarrassed you just don’t know!! My best friend caught me MASTERBATING in the bath tub! I was shocked cuz I never did that before and my 1st fucking time I get caught ugh!!

We just stared at each other until I finally said something in a shaky voice.

"Um hay Tonii uh this is my 1st time ever doing something like this and I’m sorry you had to witness it I didn’t know you were here, hell I didn’t even know I was doing it."

"Uh it’s all good honey babes you don’t got to explain anything to me I shouldn’t have came in here but I did and that’s what I get."

"Gosh I’m so embarrassed for real you just don’t know."

He smiled. "C’mon on now it’s me you shouldn’t be embarrassed you know I’d never tell or think less of you. You should actually feel comfortable."

"Are you crazy, no I shouldn’t feel comfortable I mean damn you’re not my man you shouldn’t have seen me naked or playing with myself. That’s disturbing I didn’t want you to see me like this at all."

"Damn ma it’s not that serious calm down and well I did see you bestie so get over it. What, will it make you feel better if you see me naked and jacking off ma cuz I’d do it for you, you know I will."

I was shocked beyond believe.

"What no, no that’s something private and personal."

The End

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