Chapter Five: Caught!Mature

WOW! That’s about all I can say I mean me and Anthony made out and he almost sucked my breast and he left his love mark on my neck. Damn it felt so right, so good to kiss him like that, like he was mine and I was his. I’m really shocked that we actually made out and he seemed to really enjoy it and his member even stood up. Oooh I was so scared but it felt good pressed against my pleasure button even though we had clothes on. Whoa his kisses made my candy box leak I mean damn I was super wet and I never got that way before it was new to me. Let me stop I mean what man wouldn’t get hard just from kissing I mean he even said that he wasn’t thinking about who he was kissing he didn’t realize I was his bestie and not some other girl. That shit hurt for real when he said that cuz I wanted him to be thinking about me and only me not some skinny bitch !! Ugh damn it he was only posed to teach me how to do it and not take it further but he did and I was so turned on it was hard, really hard to sleep that night.

I mean how could I sleep with a sexy ass man like that laying next to me and with the memory of his kiss?! Ugh well let me stop thinking about it I need to get ready for my date with Joshua ! I threw on some black skinny jeans with a red t-shirt that said Thicka Is Better on the front and on the back it said So Get With The Program Duhh! in gold writing and some gold high heels with some red earrings with Thick One written in it in gold. I wore my hair up in a high ponytail with a hump and some bangs in the front. I put on some lip gloss and some Pink Paradise perfume to complete the outfit. I had to admit I looked damn good so I had granny take my pic and I sent it to Tonii so he could tell me what he thought. I was ready to bounce. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was so nervous cuz this is my 1st date ever and I don't wanna ruin anything I want everything to run smoothly. Tonii called me and told me I looked absolutely gorgeously beautiful and I laughed and said thanks. Idk for some odd reason I needed his reassurance.

I never needed it before but I guess it’s just cuz I’m nervous or something cuz Chile I know I always look fly why you playing?! Aha you like that there huh?! Aha wish you could do it like me but naw never that aha lmao (laugh my ass off)!! There was a knock on the front door and it startled me but I quickly recovered, my stomach started hurting cuz I knew it was Joshua. I opened it and there he was with his fine self. He smiled at me while his eyes roamed my body up and down.

"Damn Nevaeh girl you look damn, like I can’t even think of a word to describe you ma you just look so damn good for real though."

I blushed and smiled my thanks but didn’t say anything I just locked the door and he took my hand and we walked to the car with him opening my door.

"And you smell good to so how was your day beautiful?!"

"You smell good to and it was aight how was yours?!"

"Just aight ma?! What can I do to make it better?!"

"You already are."

"For real boo that’s what’s up."

We chatted until we got to the movies. We watched that nightmare on elm street movie well, we didn’t really watch it we talked and made out ^_^. I mean I was trying to watch it but he just leaned over and kissed me and I kissed him back cuz his lips were so soft and juicy. We were at it for like a good 5 minutes aha. We finally watched the ending of the movie and then we went to Old Spaghetti Factory to eat and we conversed some more. His convo was on point we clicked for real. He drove me home and we made out some more in his car. Then he walked me to the door and kissed me again boy was I on fire !! We said goodnight and then I went in the house.

The End

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