Chapter Four ContinuedMature

"Um I was just thinking about something and I was debating on whether  should wake you up or wait till tomorrow that’s why I was staring at you"

I started laughing.

"Oh okay well I’m up now so what is it?!"

"I was just wondering what are you gonna wear for tomorrow?"

"Aha wow on the way to the grocery store I dropped by my house and swooped some things up."

"Oh okay you had me worried for a minute but now I can go back to sleep unless there’s something you wanna talk about cause you’re up ya know?"

"Oh nah I had felt somebody looking at me so that’s why I woke up and what do you know somebody was."

We started laughing.

"Wow well let’s go back to sleep crazy boy we got to get up in a few hours for church."

"Yes ma’am."

"Aha shut up Tonii dang."

We smiled at each other and then we went back to sleep cause we did have to get up in a little while.

Street Love by Lloyd woke us up. I was kinda mad but then I wasn’t cause that was my jam right there. But we both got up in went in the bathroom to brush our teeth and wash our face. I got done before her so I left and went downstairs to make breakfast but granny was already doing it so I kissed her on the cheek said good morning and helped her. Finally breakfast was ready and Nev came down wearing a beautiful off white dress with sum off white high heels. Her hair was up with just 4 strands out 2 in the front and 2 in the back. She looked absolutely stunning; she really looked like an angel. She said good morning to grandma and washed her hands and grabbed some breakfast. We all sat down to eat and we chatted while we did so. We were done so we got up cleaned up our mess and then granny and I went to go get dressed while Nev stayed down there and made sure everything was clean. I got dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and some wing top dress shoes. I was looking fly might I add. I called Nev up there to make my hair look tight and she did.

We went downstairs and waited on grandma.

"You look amazingly beautiful Nevaeh for real though ma."

She blushed and then smiled.

"Aw thanks Tonii! You look amazingly handsome yourself there."

"Thank you."

At that moment grandma came down looking absolutely gorgeous herself. She wore a creamy off white dress that had pearls on them and she had on some off white high heels. Her hair was down and she had on a pearl necklace with matching earrings. She gave Nevaeh a same set of pearls and earrings. They looked stunning for real!!

"Grandma you look very very beautiful."

We both said to her at the same time she smiled and told us thank you we look fabulous ourselves. With that said we grabbed our bibles the keys and our coats and we were off. Church was amazing as always I learned a lot and took a lot of notes. I cried when granny and Nevaeh got up there and sang Donnie Mclurkins song We Fall Down. It was truly amazing. Then Nevaeh sang Mary Mary’s song Yesterday. It was really beautiful. And just hearing them both sing made me feel special !!

It made me promise myself that I'd join the choir and do a solo next week. When church was over we went home and cooked Sunday dinner. When it was done everybody came over and we all ate and socialized. I wished my family was like this and that they would come but they never did. So I just gave up on hoping they would change their mind and go to church and Sunday dinner. After that everybody left and we cleaned up the house and then I helped Nevaeh study and I helped her pick out an outfit for her date tomorrow even though I didn’t really want to. I decided to go home after that even though I wanted to stay and cuddle with her but I knew I had to put some distance between us so I’m not gone come by that much or call her that much. I need time to get my feelings in check and to remind myself that she is my best friend and not my woman. Who knows maybe I'll hook up with this girl I been talking to for a while now she pretty cool and I’m digging her it could work. I said bye to Vaeh and bounced she looked sad but I had to be strong and not go back on my decision.

The End

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