Chapter Four ContinuedMature

She didn’t stop me so I started to suck on it and she moaned which only fueled my passion more. I left my love mark on her neck and kissed my way down to her breast but she stopped me and pulled my head back up to her lips. She laid down while I got on top of her still kissing those soft ass lips of hers and rubbing all on her body. I rubbed her nipples through her shirt until they got hard and then I bent down to take them in my mouth but she stopped me and pushed me off her. I was disappointed cause I really wanted to finish what we had going but I could tell she didn’t.

"Whoa Tonii wow um this is way more than kissing and I think we better stop. I’m sorry that I got carried away I wasn’t really thinking about who was doing that stuff to me and I let it get out of hand."

"No it wasn’t your fault honey babes it was all me and I’m sorry, I was caught up in all that was going on and I didn’t even stop to realize I was doing this to my best friend and not some other girl. I’m really sorry my mind was on something else."

"Um okay it’s okay I guess. Oh and um thanks for that lesson you were a great teacher."

She said that with a smile and I knew it was to lighten the mood so I smiled right back at her and started laughing so did she.

"Your more than welcome bestie you've been an osome student."

"Aha your crazy lmao, well come on let’s go eat I’m starved."

"Yea me too."

But I wasn’t starved for food I was starved for her but I didn’t let her know that. We went downstairs and reheated the pork chops, macaroni and corn and we got down. I must say I did damn good. She liked it cause she was moaning mm mm and all that. Man the way she ate her food was so seductive, she took a bite of that mac and cheese and took the fork out real slowly saying mm mm the whole time. Damn that shit turned me on and you don’t know how bad I wanted her, damn I wished I was that fork!! Shit man everything she does now turns me the fuck on I mean just her washing the dishes turned me on. Cause her ass was shaking while she was scrubbing the pots. Ugh I just left her down there to do that while I went in the room and into her bathroom to relieve myself.

I wanted to do what comes natural if you know what I mean but I didn’t want her to walk in on me while I was doing it that would’ve been hella embarrassing!! So I just took a cold shower. When I got out I lotioned my body and threw on some boxers with a wife beater. I didn’t feel like putting anything else on cause it was too hot for all that. I go into the bedroom and I walk in on Nevaeh changing her shirt because she had got it wet cleaning. I seen a glimpse of her breast but I hurried up and closed the door back. I yelled through it.

"Nev are you decent girl?!"

"Yeah, yeah I’m done you can come out and my bad i thought I’d be able to change my shirt before you got out but I guess i was to slow aha."

"Aha wow next time warn somebody when you frena do that girl."

She just half smiled and then she went and laid down and I laid down next to her. It felt good and right to lie next to her like that. I wrapped my arms around her and closed my eyes and I was out that fast. I woke up to her staring at me and I jumped. She started laughing.

"Aha I didn’t mean to scare you Tonii lmao."

The End

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