Chapter Four: Kissing You!!Mature

To say I was mad when i saw Nevaeh getting kissed but another nigga was an understatement. I was pissed man, I didn’t appreciate that shit at all. I mean here I was cleaning her house cooking her dinner and she was outside kissing another nigga !! I hurried up and walked away from that window before I did something I would regret. She came in the house looking all happy and I wasn’t, not at all !! I know it was fucked up of me to try and leave her there when she wanted to tell me all that had happen. I didn’t wanna hear that shit that’s why I said I had to go but she looked all sad after that and I couldn’t do that to her. I mean she was always there for me listening to my stories without even a complaint. Well that’s cause she don’t feel the same way I do so she didn’t complain about hearing my stories with them girls. Ugh look at me tripping she ain’t my girl so I really need to focus on being a friend and keep my heart out of it. So I told her I would stay and I listened to everything she had to say with an expressionless face.

When she told me she didn’t know how to kiss I seen that as an chance to be the first one she kissed and to teach her how to do it but it took me a long time to tell her what I was thinking. I didn’t want her to think it was more to me wanting to be the one to teach her. That’s why I told her to ask that girl she worked with even though I didn’t really mean it. When I finally got the nerve to say it to her I was shocked that she seemed happy and that she agreed to it. I thought she would’ve been like no we can’t do that but then I realized she just thought I was being a really good friend again and stop her from embarrassing herself. I was somewhat hurt she didn’t want it for the same reason that I did but I got over it. I hurried up and kissed her before she changed her mind. She caught on real quick and man she was an osome kisser for it to be her first time. Shit she got me hard but I hurried up and tried to put him down before she noticed, that’s why I stopped kissing her. I wonder if her candy box got wet from my kisses. Humph I doubt it she aint feeling me like that.

We just sat there looking at each other. She was so beautiful with her lips swollen and her cheeks flushed with her breasts moving up and down. I couldn’t take it anymore so I took her mouth in mine again and she kissed me back to my surprise. We sat there tonguing each other down and then I started to rub all over her body. She didn’t stop me she just kept kissing me and man I wanted it all from her. She finally pulled away from me and she started to back up.

"Um so how did I do Tonii ?! Do I need more practice ?!"

"Uh naw you were amazing Nevaeh I didn’t know you could kiss like that. You kissed like you have been doing it for years. See I told you, you were a fast learner."

She started laughing and so did I. I just sat there smiling at her so she stuck her finger in my dimple and this time I couldn’t control myself. I took her finger and sucked on it and then I captured her lips in mine again. She seemed surprised but she kissed me back and I was happy cause I thought she would slap me. I pulled away from her and kissed her on the neck.

The End

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