Chapter Three ContinuedMature

He started laughing but I didn’t cause that shit wasn’t funny. He stopped and stared at me intently for like 5 minutes straight I just got up and went in the bathroom to take a shower. When I got out I lotioned my body and then got dressed. He was just laying there and as soon as I came out he was staring at me intently again. I wonder what he was thinking about cause he just keeps looking at me. I just looked at him back then I sat down on my bed.

"Nevaeh I was thinking that I could teach you how to kiss ma if you want but if not then your gonna have to wait until he does it ." I was shocked he even said that to me, I was taken aback but I quickly recovered.

"Really best friend you'd do that for me?!"

"Yea I can see that it means a lot to you so I'll do it."

"Aw okay thanks your the best." He scooted next to me and he placed his lips on mine and he started kissing me. I kissed back I mean I knew how to do that, that part was easy but it’s the tongue part I don’t know how to do. Then he tried to slip his tongue in my mouth but I didn’t open it until he told me I had to and I did. He was moving his tongue around mine and I was doing the same. It felt so damn good to kiss him like that. We kept at it for like 5 minutes and then he pulled away. My candy box was soaking, we were breathing hard and just staring at each other. Man I just wanted to kiss him again but I didn’t.

The End

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