Chapter Three ContinuedMature

He didn’t have dimples but that was okay. He has big juicy lips and from what I can see he got body under that shirt. He is like 6'3 that’s just right I like em tall !! He has twisties which was cool just as long as he didn’t turn them into dreads then we were good. I was just daydreaming about him the whole time I was at work. I mean I was there but I wasn’t you know ?! Finally 11 came and he walked in looking all good and shit waiting on me so I hurried up and grabbed my things.

"Aye boo you ready?!"

"Hay yea I’m ready let’s go." We walked to the car and he opened the door for me.

"How was work ma?!"

"It was good i guess."

"Oh that’s cool sweetheart so how tall are you?!"

"I’m 5'4 wbu?!"

"Damn you short ma but it’s all good baby I like short girls and I’m 6'4."

"Wow you’re really tall but it’s all good baby I like tall men." He started laughing hella much and so did I.

"Aha that’s what’s up ma you over there imitating me, I like that you got a funny side for real though." 

I didn’t say anything but i just smiled and we talked about a lot of things until we got to my house. I was kinda disappointed cause I didn’t want the night to end I was enjoying his convo too much. He walked me to my door and we were talking some more and then he gave me a peck on the lips and walked back to his car while I went in the house. I saw Tonii up in there cleaning so I walked up behind him and kissed him on his neck.

"Hay Tonii the house looks great and if you’re hungry I'll make you some dinner. I have so much to tell you bestie."

"Um hi, why didn’t you call me, you know I would’ve picked you up Nev and no I already made dinner for you but you’re gonna have to tell me what happened another time cause I gotta get home."

"What no Tonii you can stay here you know you can I just really wanna talk to you, hell I need to talk to you. Stay pleaseeee." He turned and looked at me intently but didn’t say anything until like a minute later. 

"Uh alright ma I'll stay but I gotta tell my mom what’s up. So how was work?!"

"Thanks and it was good actually cause Joshua came there and on my break we talked and everything. He’s really cool, he drove me home that’s why I didn’t ask you."

Tonii was just staring at me with no expression on his face and then he grabbed my hand and walked up to my room and sat down on the bed.

"And he walked me to the door and pecked me on the lips. And then I realized that I don’t know how to kiss bestie. What if he kisses me on our date, I don’t wanna seem inexperienced."

"Bestie I’m pretty sure once he notices you can’t kiss he'll teach you ma and you'll catch on quick cause you’re a fast learner so don’t sweat it."

"Ugh no Anthony I wanna already know how to do it."

"Well ask that one girl you work with to teach you."

"Are you crazy nigga I don’t want my first kiss to be with a girl okay I’m not into girls so you better calm all that down."

The End

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