Chapter Three ContinuedMature

"Aha oh yea I forgot about that but what can I get for you ?!"

"Two mashed potato bowls with four biscuits ."

"Ok that'll be $12.75, thank you have a nice day and do come again"

He sat down with his food but he didn’t eat he was just watching me. I got done with all the customers and it was my lunch time. I got a mashed potato bowl with two biscuits and water, he waved me over there where he was sitting at so I sat down by him.

"Hay gorgeous it took you forever."

"Aha I didn’t even know you were waiting on me my bad."

"It’s all good ma I know you had a job to do so what time do you get off?!"

"Uh at 11."

"Ah for real do you got a ride home or something?!"

"I was gone ask my bestie to come get me so yea I guess I do."

"Nah ma if you don’t mind I'll like to take you home you know so we can talk a little bit more if that’s cool with you."

I took a bite of my food and poured some hot sauce up in it while he was just sitting there watching me. "Um yea ok I guess that’s cool."

"Great." I kept eating and he just kept staring at me.

"What Josh why you keep staring at me, do I have something on my face?!" He smiled.

"Oh nah shawty you good I just think you’re so beautiful and well, most girls are afraid to really eat in front of a nigga you know."

"Aha so you be rolling with them skinny insecure girls but Nevaeh ain’t scared I’m not bout to act like I’m not hungry and not get my grub on cause of some nigga if he don’t like it then he can get the stepping."

He started laughing but i didn’t i kept eating. "Damn shawty i feel you ma but i like the way you ain't scared to just be yourself for real though ."

"Well thank you I’m glad you do." he smiled at me and then he finally started eating.

"So how old are you and are you from here?!"

"I’m 18 ma and yea i am wbu?!"

"I’m 16 and I’m from here also so are you a senior or did you graduate already?!" 

"Imma senior ma frena graduate you know and damn you kinda young there what are you a sophomore?!"

"I am not that young boy please and aha you got jokes but naw imma junior frena be a senior."

"Oh so you frena turn 17 then?!"

"Naw i just turned 16 so that aint happening any time soon."

"Wow you 16 and you frena be a senior damn ma you must be hella intelligent yo making me feel like I’m stupid and shit."

"Oh my bad i don’t mean to make you feel like that but your good your supposed to be a senior now but I’m always studying and reading and going to summer school so that’s why I’m way ahead of other people."

"Oh that’s good but don’t you wanna have the summer off and just chill with your friends and shit?!"

"Not really, i mean i only have 1 friend and that’s Tonii."

"Stop lying to me ma i know you got more friends than that and is this Tonii dude you talk about the 1 you went to prom with?!"

"I’m not lying Josh he is my only friend, my best friend actually and yea that’s him."

"Wow why though, i mean don’t you wanna have girl friends who can relate to you?!"

"Naw not really that doesn’t cross my mind, girls they have to many issues and jealousy problems and i don’t wanna deal with that and Tonii he gets me, he understands me."

"Oh are you and Tonii more than just friends cause i don’t wanna be trying to get with another man’s girl."

"Naw i promise you were just best friends and that’s it." I looked at the clock and noticed I had to get back to work so I started gathering my trash and stuff. "My break is over so I’mma have to get back to work it was nice talking to you Joshua."

"Oh yea ma you to well see you at 11 then."

"Yea see ya." I got up threw my trash away and got right back to work. I couldn’t wait until 11 cause i wanted to tell Tonii all about what happened and of course to see Josh again. He was really cute with light skin and light brown eyes that were a little slanted.

The End

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