Chapter Three: NevaehMature

Wow I was shocked by how turned on I was by just giving Tonii a massage. I mean damn as soon as he started moaning my candy box got wet. Oh he doesn’t know what he does to me. Ugh and then when he started to massage me I couldn’t help but moan my appreciation even though I was embarrassed I couldn’t stop moaning, it felt that good. He knew exactly what he was doing I’m sure he’s done that before, just thinking about that made me mad but I quickly pushed that to the back of my mind cause he wasn’t my man for me to be sitting here getting mad over him touching other girls. His hands were so soft just like his lips. Oh how I wanted them soft juicy lips to kiss mine again but I knew that couldn’t happen we are best friends and I shouldn’t be feeling like this right now. Ugh what is wrong with me ?! I thought I had gotten over that crush I had on him a long time ago. But damn him kissing me just brought back all my feelings I had for him earlier and then some. I liked sleeping next to him way to much.

I had pushed myself all the way up on him cause I wanted to see if he was attracted to me or anything like that but it didn’t happen. I was so hurt but I should’ve known my bestie didn’t like big girls I mean all he ever dated were them skinny bitches. I don’t know why I thought I could make his member stand up or that he'd even be attracted to me. See that kiss just fucked everything up. Damn you Tonii ugh !! I was doing fine, great actually without even thinking about him like that. I just pushed that shit to the back of my mind and his punk ass wanna sit there and do some shit like that !! You know what I’m pissed at him for not giving me the reaction I had hoped for when I told him I’m going on a date !! His ass wanna sit there and act all "concerned" knowing that I know he was mad. He just doesn’t want me to go cause he don’t know nothing about Joshua but you know what I don’t give a fuck !! He better have gone shopping and cleaned the house like he said he was or I’mma really be mad at him.

"Uh hello earth to Nevaeh !!"

"Oh sorry girl I was thinking about something"

"Yea duhh that’s obvious but what the hell were you thinking about, you been standing there with that evil ass look on ya face for like five minutes now, you done scared the got damn customers and shit."

I started laughing and so did she. "Uh it’s nothing KayMya I was just in deep thought but my bad it won’t happen again" she just looked at me then got back to work and so did I.

"Hello welcome to KFC are you ready to order"

"Hay beautiful I didn’t know you worked here ." I looked up and saw Joshua standing there smiling at me so I smiled back.

"Oh hay Josh how are you ?! And yea of course you didn’t know we didn’t really get to talk about a lot of things before you had to go"

"Aha you mean before we were rudely interrupted yea, I know and I’m great now that I see you."

He just stood there looking at me with a smile on his face. "Let me order something for I get you in trouble and shit ."

The End

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