Chapter Two ContinuedMature

She took off her shirt and bra and unfortunately I looked away like I told her and she laid down. I got right to work on her, it felt so good just to touch her like that I can tell she was enjoying it cause she started moaning and that shit turned me on big fucking time yo. She didn’t even realize she was doing it; she was so lost in the feel of my hands and her own thoughts. I wanted to kiss her neck, hell fuck that I wanted to suck on it and leave my love marks but I didn’t dare do it. She was driving me crazy man ugh !!!!

I suddenly had this urge this feeling man I wanted to TASTE her real bad and I never felt anything like this before. It was kind of scary I was shook but I pushed that to the back of my head and focused on keeping my man down and giving her her massage. She still was moaning, ugh she don’t know what’s she’s doing to me but I got to get it together. I finally say I’m done cause I can’t take it anymore the urge is just too strong. She sat up with her back towards me still and she put her shirt back on and then said

"Damn Tonii thanks I feel so much better now I don’t even feel stressed anymore you’re the best !!"

She got up and kissed me on my cheek. "C’mon let’s go to sleep I feel sleepy" with that said she grabbed my hand turned off the light and pulled me down on the bed. "Your welcome honey babes and thank you also"

"Mhm your welcome c’mon Tonii sleep time"

She was on the other side of the bed and instantly she was out but I couldn’t fall asleep cause I wanted her close to me with her ass pushed all the way up on my dick.

I wanted her to grind on me like she did when we was dancing last night. I wanted to hold her real close to me and kiss her soft lips and suck on her neck. Damn I wanted to kiss my way down to her candy box among other things. I was thinking all this and more and I didn’t even notice that 2 hours had passed and that she woke up and was staring at me intently until she said

"Tonii what’s wrong ?! Why are you still up ?!"

"Oh uh I can’t sleep Nev ."

"Why not are you uncomfortable being in the same bed as me ?!"

"Nah not at all but I don’t know I just can’t sleep ."She looked at me and then scooted all the way over to me and said

"C’mon Tonii tell mama what’s wrong" I started laughing hella much and she stuck her finger in my dimples again which made me want her even more. 

"Aha Nevaeh you a trip girl nothing’s wrong really I just can’t sleep and I don’t know why ."She wrapped her arms around me and said

"Well try harder Tonii you can do it" 

And then she turned around with her ass pushed all the way on my dick and she closed her eyes and was out. Dang that girl must really be tired.

I don’t know how I managed to keep my dick down but I did and as soon as I wrapped my arms around her and closed my eyes I was out. Couple hours later she woke me up with a kiss on my neck talking about

"Wake up sleepy head it’s almost time for you to take me to work" 

Damn man I didn’t wanna get up I was actually sleeping hella good. I slept like a fucking baby and I ain’t slept like that since I was a baby aha. When I looked at her she was dressed and was almost ready all she had to do was her hair. Her phone rang and she answered it and started smiling hella big talking about hay Joshua what’s up. I instantly got hella mad and jealous and I don’t know the fuck why. I mean Nevaeh ain’t my woman she my bestie and that’s it so I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I don’t know what’s up with me but I’mma have to take some time away from her to get my feelings back in check cause this is too much. "

Nevaeh stop cupcaking on the phone girl and finish getting ready, you don’t have all day ."

I said as I threw on some black basketball shorts and a wife beater. She looked at me and just took her convo into the bathroom.

She finally came out the bathroom and said I’m ready. I grabbed my car keys and the grocery list and we bounced. She was on the phone almost the whole time and I was getting mad. She hung up and looked at me smiling looking all excited and shit she said

"Anthony I got a date with Joshua we're going out on Monday I’m so happy he is going to be my first date"

"Oh um you sure you wanna go with this cat ma, I mean you don’t know nothing about him or anything ?!"

"Duhh Tonii that’s why I’mma get to know him on the date"

"Fine do what you wanna do but don’t say nothing to me if something happen ."

She just rolled her eyes and turned on the radio. I was hella pissed I didn’t want her to go out with another nigga. When we got there she kissed me on the cheek said thanks and hopped out. Then I headed to the store trying to sort things out but it wasn’t happening really.

The End

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