Chapter Two ContinuedMature

Ah man it felt so good !! She was still rubbing and massaging my back and shoulders, she rubbed all the tension out my neck and I just laid there enjoying the feel of her hands and moaning, damn, it felt so damn good !! I've had a lot of massages but none of them felt as good as this one. I’mma give her the best massage she done ever had ooh I can’t wait. I wanna touch her so bad man for real. Down boy, down I don’t want her to see me like this. Man I was in deep thought when she broke it by saying something and I had finally got my boy down and she wanna sit here and say something to me, instantly he was back up.

"I’m really sorry about last night Tonii it won’t happen again okay, you still my bestie ?!"

"Of course I’m still your bestie Nev and nah I’m the one who should be sorry baby I didn’t mean to get mad at you like that I feel really bad that’s why you got to let me make it up to you by giving you a massage to"

"Nah it’s all good Tonii I don’t need a massage and I feel real bad cause you didn’t get any sleep so when I’m done you can go to sleep and stay here as long as you want."

"Nev are you crazy girl I said I’mma give you a massage then we can both lay down and get some sleep together then I'll take you to work sweetheart ."

She looked at me like I was crazy and said "Tonii I got other things I got to do I still need to finish designing an outfit for church tomorrow before it’s Sunday and you know I can’t sow on Sundays and I got to go grocery shopping, clean the house, still study and . . ."

I cut her off while she was talking and said "C’mon now Ajahnae you know I'll help you while you’re at work I'll do the shopping and I'll clean and you know Granny will do your outfit for you just do what I ask please ."

After a long pause she finally said "Fine, ohhkaee you win, dang Tonii you didn’t have to use my middle name on me and shit and I’mma hold you to what you said I expect it to be done too when I come home"

I started laughing "I got you honey babes, damn always bossing me around and stuff ."

"Oh shut up boy you know you love it "

I was happy we were playing around again and not being mad at each other. She got finished giving me my massage and I was so happy to get started on her for real though.

"Alright honey babes take off your shirt and bra ."

She looked at me like I was from another planet and I laughed.

"Nigga are you serious I’m not taking off my bra"

"Wow Nev you got to, just take it off you know I'll look the other way and you can put a towel or something under you to cover it up dang ma stop tripping ."

I flashed her my smile and she smiled back and put her finger in my dimples I started blushing big time and smiling just as hard.

"Okay fine Tonii I’mma do it"

The End

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