Chapter Two: AnthonyMature

Ugh I’m so mad at Nevaeh but I really don’t understand why, I mean damn she said she was sorry and that she was tired yesterday and that’s understandable. For real though but she had me regretting kissing her last night, which I shouldn’t have done cause she’s my bestie but I felt I had to, hell I needed to do it. Even though it was just a peck but it left me wanting more from her. Her lips were so soft and they felt good against mine. I could tell she was shocked but she hid it real well after that. I was looking forward to hearing her sweet, sexy, angelic voice last night for real and she didn’t call me so I got worried and then I called her but she didn’t answer. I text her but I got the same result and quickly that worry turned to anger. I couldn’t sleep last night cause I didn’t get to hear her voice and she knows I can’t go to sleep without hearing it. Maybe she was punishing me for kissing her, I don’t know am I going crazy, here trying to analyze everything now ugh I’m tripping big time yo !! 

I need to go make it right with her and take her up on that offer for a massage I wouldn’t mind her touching me at all. Hell I love when she does and that kiss she placed on my neck which is one of my spots got me hard yo. I've always had a big crush on Nevaeh ever since I meet her but I never took it anywhere cause I could tell all she was looking for was a friend and not a man. I could see that she viewed me only as a friend and she thought I felt the same but I didn’t. I thought my crush on her would go away but it didn’t it grew. I need to go talk to this girl and let her know I’m the one who should be sorry. I would’ve gone after her sooner but I wanted to wait until my erection went down. Cause that would’ve been embarrassing real talk yo !!

I went to her room and opened the door she looked up at me then quickly turned the other way I can tell she didn’t want me to know she been crying but I already knew. I walked in and sat next to her and said

"Nevaeh baby look I’m sorry about earlier I, ok I don’t know why I was so mad at you but I was and I’m sorry for ignoring you and not taking your apology right then and there. But I wanna take you up on that offer, so I’mma hop in the shower and then you can give me that massage if you’re still up to it. Oh and I'll give you one back honey babes if you want it ."

She didn’t say anything she just looked at me so I got up and took a shower like I said I was and when I got out she had some clothes and stuff sitting there for me which means she forgave me and I was so happy. I dried off and put the boxers on and then I went out there like that for her to give me my massage. She just looked at me and then she said lay down which I did with no hesitation. She got some massage oil and started rubbing it together on her hands to make it warm then she rubbed it gently but firmly into my shoulders.

The End

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