Chapter One ContinuedMature

The prom was over so Tonii took me to get something to eat. We talked for a minute then he took me home walked me to the door.

“Thanks honey babes for coming with me I know how much you didn’t want to go but I really appreciate it”

I was about to say oh no problem bestie but before I could he kissed me, well just a peck on the lips but I was still shocked but I played it off.

"No, thank you Tonii I actually had a really good time tonight I’m glad I let you talk me into it"

I kissed him on the cheek then said good night and went in the house I was so scared cause he had kissed me, Anthony Lonzo Johnson my best friend KISSED ME!! Wow I know yawl think I’m exaggerating and maybe I am but I was still shocked even though it was a peck and it probably didn’t mean anything to him!! I went to sleep with a smile on my face that night. When I woke up the next morning and went to make grandma Breakfast she was already up with Tonii sitting in the kitchen making breakfast I was shocked to see him there. I said "Good morning Tone" he didn’t even acknowledge me he just kept doing what he was doing.

I just ignored him and said to myself maybe he didn’t hear me. I went to my Grandma and kissed her on the cheek.

"Good morning Granny how did you sleep?! And did you take your medicine?!"

“Good morning baby I slept good and of course I took my medicine I always do Nevaeh”

“Aha okay Granny just checking"

We talked and ate breakfast then Grandma left up stairs. I turned to Tonii and just stared at him intently.

"Tonii what’s your problem didn’t you hear me talking to you earlier?! I mean dang I didn’t get no hug no good morning no nothing the whole time you just talking to Grandma acting like I’m not here so what the fuck is wrong?!"

He didn’t answer me he just looked at me and got up to go watch television I grabbed his arm and said "Anthony Lonzo Johnson answer me now!!" I was so pissed off because he never did this shit before just sitting there ignoring me. Like a whole minute passed then he said “Ain’t nothing wrong Nevaeh” I looked at him like he was stupid.

"Do you think I’m stupid Anthony?! Your my best friend don’t you think I know when something is wrong and when your hiding something from me?!"

He looked so bad but still so good at the same time. I say this because he had bags under his eyes and it looked like he didn’t get any sleep but he still looked good even with the bags. He just stared at me with anger and contempt in his eyes and then said
“What did you forget to do last night Nevaeh?!” he still sat there staring at me and I thought for a minute and I realized I didn’t call him last night to say goodnight and I noticed he had called me and texted me but I didn’t answer or write back cause I was sleep.

If I didn’t walk you to your door last night I would’ve thought something happened to you but you didn’t even care enough to call and see if I made it home safely did you Nevaeh?! No you didn’t!!”

"I’m so sorry Tonii I got home and fell right on my bed and instantly I was asleep I wore myself out last night I was really tired. And I’m sorry Tonii for real"

I felt so bad cause he looked like that cause of me. I said sorry again but he was still just sitting there staring at me not saying a word or moving a muscle. I went and sat down next to him.

I said I’m sorry again and I kissed his neck.

"Tonii let me make it up to you ok you can go take a shower and I'll give you a massage when you’re done and you can sleep in my bed as long as you like but just please say something and stop being mad at me. I've never done this before Tonii and it won’t happen again I was just really tired."

He just continued to look at me then he turned his attention back to the television. I got up and went in my room and took a shower and cried while I was in there. He has never gotten mad at me to the point where he won’t say anything to me so I was sad. I got out threw on some clothes and laid on my bed thinking how can I make things right with him cause I loved Tonii he was my bestie and I didn’t know what I would do without him being there by my side supporting me in everything I do. He was amazing and I really just didn’t wanna loose him or go back to being by myself because I had gotten used to somebody being around, well him always being around me and making me laugh and stuff. Ugh I was so sad :( !!

The End

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