Chapter One ContinuedMature

He is brown skinned with hazel almond shaped eyes that have specks of green in them. He has dimples and the prettiest smile ever, he was just too cute. Hell yea I liked my bestie in that way but it was only a little girl crush you know?! When we got older I got over it. Now my bestie is seventeen he frena be a senior like me and I’m so happy we have almost all the same classes together. He is on the football team and has an amazing body and long hair that I always braid you know, keep him looking good. Tonii is very popular but of course he only kicks it with me no matter what. People always think there’s more to our relationship than just friendship but aye I ain’t stunting those jealous hoes for real though!! They be getting mad at me cause he wanna spend all his time with me I mean what kind of bullshit is that?! They need to fall back for real and stop coming at me all sideways because I’m bout ready to slap a bitch, shit I maybe a "nerd" but I ain’t scared I will beat a bitch ass. But I haven’t yet cause of Tonii always saying 

“Nevaeh girl, don’t lower your standards they just hating on you honey babes!!”

I be like “yea you right Toniizo” aha sometimes I call him that it’s a mixture of his names and he sometimes calls me Nevjaheen a mixture of my names. He says “I know I’m right I’m always right!!”  I laugh my ass off and be like “boy please you wish, you know it’s the other way around.” He just flashes that gorgeous smile at me and I just have to stick my finger in his dimples which only makes him blush and smile more!! Man I love him he is such a good friend, he’s always there for me. He bought me a phone and even pays the bill so that we could talk and text all night cause he says he can’t go to sleep without hearing my voice first. I thought that was so sweet!! This year we went to junior prom together he paid for my ticket while I designed my dress and his suit!! It was so fly and of course bitches were hating again but that ain’t nothing new!! We danced together most of the night until he went to dance with some of the other girls while to my surprised I danced with other boys.

As soon as he left to go dance with someone else this other dude came and asked me to dance and I said yes cause he was all that but not cuter than Tonii. He asked me what’s my name and I told him Nevaeh and he was like “For real that’s real fly ma I like it I’m Joshua.” "Oh nice to meet you" “The pleasures all mine beautiful!!” We slow danced with him talking to me and stuff when the song was over he got my number and I got his. He was real cool and we were going to dance some more but this girl saw who he was dancing with and flew her ass up over here talking about “I didn’t ask you to come with me only for you to go dance with somebody like her Joshua!!” He said “look you don’t own me, we don’t even go out so stop sweating me ma I can dance with who I want shit why didn’t you tell me you had somebody as beautiful as Nevaeh that go to this school I would’ve came here for real though?! I blushed when he said that but he didn’t see me he then turned to me and said “Look ma I’m going to have to go with her cause I did come with her but I'll definitely hit you up fahsho”  I said okay and he left to go with her.

I was still blushing and standing in the same spot until Tonii came and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck which for some reason turned me on but I just pushed that to the back of my mind. I turned around and looked at him.

“What’s up honey babes who was that nigga?!”

"Oh um he said his name was Joshua he don’t go here but he came with Stacy stank ass"

“Aha Nev girl you a trip but nah what did he want I noticed he was over here for a while and yawl was dancing pretty close together”

"Well he liked what he saw and wanted my number so I gave it to him I guess he was trying to get with me, I don’t know Tonii damn why you questioning me?!"

“My bad baby I’m just making sure everything was good you know, making sure he didn’t say nothing outta pocket to you ma”

"Oh okay Toniizo its all good !!"  


My song Ooh Na Na by Lil Jon came on and my body instantly swayed to the music. Tonii grabbed me close to him and turned me around so that my back was facing him and then he proceeded to grind. I lifted one of my hands in the air and snapped to the beat with my other hand on my knee slightly bent while I proceeded to grind my ass into Tonii’s pelvic area. I was feeling the music while all the while Tonii’s sexy ass deep voice was singing in my ear saying Ooh Na Na I’m so horny and I want you to fuck me. Ooh yawl just don’t know how turned on I was. As that went off my other jam Feenin’ by Jodeci came on and boy did we get down on that dance floor.

We were burning it up with our fire. I felt Tonii’s hard-on pressed firmly against my ass as we still were dry humping aha. I don’t know what got into me that night but his sexy ass voice singing You got me feenin’ feenin’ for you and that spiked punch I just couldn’t control myself. I was shocked the teachers even let them play those songs but then I realized it was nothing but black teachers in here and they were getting there groove on too. Aha we lived it up that night man. For the last dance Maxwell’s This Woman’s Worth was played and Tonii and I slowed danced with my arms around his neck and his arms around my waist. He kissed me on the neck and sang Maxwell’s song all the way through. I’ll admit I actually had fun that night and I had got a lot of numbers to my surprise. 

The End

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