Love Unexpected . !Mature

Nevaeh has finally found love even though she wasn't looking. Her life has been pretty normal, you know routine. But all of a sudden it gets turned upside down. She finds out that being in love is not what it's all cracked up to be. She finds out that dating should be left to the people who knows what their doing .

Chapter One: All About Me

What’s up yawl I guess yawl wanna know about me aha I mean who doesn’t wanna know about me I’m just that Osome !! Well for starters the name is Nevaeh Ajahnae Queen Nicholas, sweet name huh ?! Yea I know. Born and raised in Sacramento, California . I’m 5'4 sixteen frena be a senior that’s right you heard me correctly a senior !! I’m a big girl and I have long curly hair that goes to my lower back I have brown almond shaped eyes, skin color is milk chocolate, perfect set of kissable lips, I got the right size breast, my booty is just right people say I got ass for days but aye I don’t care. I don’t have any siblings, don’t know where my mom or dad is at so I live with my grandma. I work at the mall and at KFC. I spend all my time reading, writing, and studying. I have everything figured out for my life I’m going to be an actress, a fashion designer, and a chef. Every summer I go to summer school so that I can graduate early and get my life started the way I always dreamed. I have one best friend who's been there for me thru thick and thin his name is Anthony Lonzo Johnson.

Me and Tonii (Anthony) met when he was in fourth grade and I was in third. Of course I didn’t have any friends because kids were jealous of me for my smarts and hair so at recess I would just sit by myself and read a book, which I didn’t mind cause I’m always by myself so I’m used to it and that’s the way I preferred things anyways. Tonii came up to me when all the kids were calling me names like fat ass, ugly, nerd and that’s not your real hair, your fake and all that . I wasn’t stunting those kids, I didn’t trip. Tonii came over there and said aye leave her alone and they did, he looked at me and said 

“Aye honey babes you’re not ugly to me shawty, your very beautiful and those kids just hating on you ma cause they don’t have the brains and beauty like you. And you not fake your all real I can tell.”

Then he flashed me the prettiest smile I ever seen and I blushed. We instantly became best friends after that. Yea I'll admit I had a crush on my bestie but who didn’t I mean he was so cute.


The End

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