At the club with AllisonMature

They parked near the club and Charlie, like a gentleman, opened the car door for her, helping her out. She was wearing a short, strap-less reddish-pink dress with a white ribbon tied in a bow under the breast. You could easily see her cleavage, and the skirt barely covered her bottom. She was his kind of girl, that was for sure. 

When they entered the club, he got them both a cocktail, and they downed them and headed to the dance floor. She threw her hair around, dancing sexily for a joke. She ground against him, laughing, her arms slung loosely about his neck. He pulled her close and murmured, 

"I'll get some more drinks," She smiled and nodded, letting go. She followed him to the edge of the dance floor, and watched him walk to the bar. He bought four more of the same vodka cocktails, and handed two to her, downing two of them himself. She drank hers slowly, but got tipsy much faster. She was clearly a bit of a light-weight. Soon she was dancing drunkenly, her moves only getting sluttier. Her hand running up her body, and over his. She slid a hand down his chest to his crotch, gripping it for a second. Then she grabbed his butt with two hands and planted a kiss square on his lips. He was liking this! He hardly had to do anything, she was making all the moves. He let his hand grip her thigh lightly, his other curled about her waist. They slow danced for a while, and then it was her turn to buy the drinks. 

She bought four brightly-colored cocktails which Charlie was sure had an extremely high alcohol content. They both downed their drinks and headed to what was called "Lovers corner". There, feeling decidedly drunk, Charlie put his arms around her waist, letting her wrap hers around his neck, and then kissed her lightly. She kissed back, stronger, her lust strong. She deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue against his lips. He slid his hand down over her arse and tightened it around her thigh. She pulled him closer to her, urging him on. He was sliding his hand up her thigh when he caught himself. She wouldn't forgive him if she remembered this later. 

"Lets go back to mine.." He whispered to her. She bit her lip, and murmured: "Yesss.."

The End

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