Operation AllisonMature

Charlie entered the gym, checking his reflection in the floor-to-ceiling mirror that ran along one wall. His blondey-brown hair was tousled, his brown eyes charming. His chest was bare, showing his six-pack and well toned arms. In the corner of his vision, he could see Allison, running hard on the running machine, her i-pod plugged in, her ponytail swinging. She was wearing nothing but a sports bra and some shorts. Like him, she had opted for the less dressed less sweat option on this sticky summer day.

He snuck up behind her and grabbed her waist, pulling her off the machine. She looked around, but her face turned from angry to amused when she saw him. 

"Hey, you." She said with a smile, pulling out her ear-buds. 

"Alright, gorgeous?" He replied, making her grin widen.

"Yeah, not bad. All my mates are on holiday though. Its so boring at home, but I don't wanna go clubbing on my own.." She trailed off, looking at him expectantly. The light in the window was getting lower, and evening would be there soon. 

"Are you asking me on a date?" Charlie asked playfully. 

"Maaaybe..." She said, twisting in his still firm grip. 

"Then go get ready. I'll pick you up in an hour, kay?" He said, sealing the deal. 

"Aren't you gonna work out?" She asked, looking a little bemused. 

"We both know I didn't come here today to work out." He said matter-of-factly. She laughed, and hugged him before bouncing off to the changing room, but not before handing him a scrap of paper with her address on. He jumped on the running machine for a half an hour, then hurried back to changing room and had a quick shower, then changed into his jeans and short-sleeved black shirt, making sure his hair had his trade-marked sexy tousle. 

He pulled up at her house ten minutes late, but he knew that she would probably be relieved at his lateness. Girls were never ready on time. He rung the door bell and she opened it, stepping out straight away and shutting the door. 

"Come on, quick, I told my mum I was going out with a girl friend!" She hisses, and we hurry to the car. She jumps in and Charlie climbs over her to the passenger seat, his hands touching her bare legs and making her giggle.

"To the club!" He says, shooting her a triumphant grin. Operation Allison is go! 

The End

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