Love TriangleMature

Charlie has always been a bit of a casanova, a flirt, a charmer. But never has he had two girls in love with him at once... This could be interesting... But can he play it right?

Charlie liked loads of girls. He liked Siobhan, but she had a boyfriend, he liked Casey, but she hated him for breaking her BFF's heart. He liked Josie, Stella, Anna, Martine, Keeley, Naeva... The list went on. But never had he had two girls like him at once before. 

Allison was a hot blonde with a rocking figure and a smoking rep. Charlie had met her at the gym, when he had "accidentally" spilled water all down her top, making it cling to her perfect figure. She, unlike most girls, had just laughed and pulled it off, revealing  a sports-bra underneath. Even better... He had seen her again several times, and each time she had flirted with him incredibly obviously, not hiding the fact she liked him. And he liked her, too. 

Melody was a petite brunette, with voluptuous curves and tan skin. Charlie had met her way back when, at school, when she had still had a boyfriend. Even then he had known that she liked him, from the looks she gave him when her boyfriend was distracted. Eventually, she had split with her BF, and ever since had been flirting with Charlie more, and more in class and at parties thrown by their classmates. She liked him a lot, that was clear. And he liked her too. 

But who would he choose? 


Did he have to choose? 

Neither knew of the others existence... And if he played his cards right, he could end up with two hot girlfriends... That was the clincher. He wanted two girls at once. 

Operation "Get Them Both" was on. 

The End

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