Love Story in the Rain

Synthia is a girl who fell for the wrong guy. After months of her heart being broken, will she be ready to give her long departed friend who have been madly in love with her for a long time a chance?


"It's raining again", said a girl sitting beside the window of her room. She watched droplets of rain fall down on the lovely flowers in the garden in front of her window. "Days like this remind me of that very day I've been betrayed", she whispered to herself. She was too pre-occupied that she didn't notice someone calling her.

"Synthia! Wake up now. Today is your enrolment. You don't want to be in a very long line, do you? Get up now", a girl's voice called. It was Synthia's older sister Alexa. "I'm coming up to your room now."

After a few moments, someone knocked on the door. Still, Synthia did not notice it. Her mind was still somewhere else.

Alexa opened the door and saw Synthia staring by the window. Only then did Synthia notice her. Alexa said, "eat your breakfast now. You need to enroll early so you can finish early. You wouldn't want to be in a very long line, would you?"

Synthia shook her head. "I was just looking at the flowers in our garden being rained on."

"You still remember that day, don't you?" Alexa asked.

"I still can't believe Amanda and Eric both betrayed me! How could they do that? I gave everything I've got just to be with Eric but he still broke my heart more painfully than I expected. And then, there's Amanda who I treated almost like a sister! It still hurts so much", she answered.

Alexa sat by her side, hugged her and said, "you don't need them. The things they did and gave to you only proved that you just chose the wrong person to give your heart to and also the wrong person to be your friend. You clearly deserve people better than those. I know someone will come for you and he will be the right one, the one who would rather hurt himself than to hurt you." She let go of Synthia and walked through the door. "Go down and have your breakfast. Lara and Mina called me and asked me to tell you that they will be waiting for you at school." She left and went down to the dining room.

Synthia stood up and went inside the bathroom to take a shower. She came out after half an hour and dressed up. She put on a red blouse and a color pink pants then she hurried downstairs.

Alexa saw her walking towards the door. "Aren't you going to eat first?"

"No. I 'll just go eat with Mina and Lara after I finish my enrolment", she answered as she opened the door. "Goodbye. I'll be going now." She grabbed her bag and went out.


When she arrived at school after an hour and a quarter, she immediately started enrolling herself. She finished after two hours.

Looking at her schedule while walking, she didn't notice a guy in front of her and bumped into him. "I'm so sorry that I was so busy looking at my schedule that I wasn't aware of where I was going", she apologized.

The guy was tall, curly-haired, wearing sunglasses, a blue pollo and an ecrue-colored shorts. He smiled at her. "It's okay. There's no harm done, anyway", the guy said as he remove his sunglasses and smiled at her. Then he stared at her. "Synthia, is that you? You're more beautiful than I remember you are."

"Daniel? You are Daniel?" she asked.

"Yes! I'm so glad that you still remember me", he said. "How are you? It's been a very long time since we last met."

Synthia frowned at him. "It's been four years, Daniel. It's been four years since my grade school bestfriend left me without telling me he'll be flying somewhere out of the country."

"I'm very sorry I wasn't able to tell you. It was all too sudden. I didn't even know we were leaving until we got home from the graduation. There was nothing I could do. All our things were packed. I told my mom I wanted to stay here in Manila and not to go with them to London, but she just ignored what I wanted", he replied.

"I thought I will never see you again since you disappeared", she said. "Why didn't you even send me a single email over the internet?!"

"I'm so sorry. I really am. I was too busy that I had not a time for an email for me to send you. I hope you're not furious", he apologized.

Synthia draw a deep breath and said, "it's okay. What's important is that we meet again. So are you going to study here now?"

Daniel nodded. "I'll be taking up AB Literature. English will be my major."

"Really?" Synthia said with a surprised face. "I'm taking the same as well. What a very big coincidence it is! That means we'll be classmates everytime."

"Yeah. A very big coincidence", Daniel laughed.

Their conversation was cut short when two girls approached them. One was a very skinny girl wearing a green jacket with the zipper open, underneath the jacket, she's wearing a white tanktop, and jeans. Her name was Mina. The other girl was a bit slim and was wearing a dark blue shirt and a skirt. She was called Lara.

"Hello, Synthia. Finished your enrollment? Want to go hang out the mall? I'm a bit hungry". Mina said.

Synthia nodded. "Let's go then. I'm also hungry. I haven't had a bite for breakfast." She looked at Daniel. "Want to come with us? You can still remember Lara and Mina, right?"

"Of course", Daniel answered. "Will it be alright for them?"

"Don't be ridiculous", Lara laughed. "We'd like to hear every single thing you did in the last four years that you weren't with us."

"Okay then", he said.

They went to the mall near their school and entered a fastfood chain to have a little snack.

"So Daniel, tell us all those things you've been doing within the four years you left us. We would like to know everything. Don't leave a single detail." Mina asked Daniel. Then she faced Synthia. "Let's line up for our order. Let's just make Lara say everything that Daniel will tell her."

They left Lara and Daniel alone and lined up for their orders.

As the two girls were lining for their food, Daniel and Lara were talking about everything that had happened to Daniel for the past four years.

"So you were in London? Wow! You should have brought us some souvenirs to give us before you went back here", she said. "By the way, who's the new lucky girl right now? Who's the one girl owning your heart? Last time we met, it was Synthia."

Daniel could not look Lara in the eye which gave her the answer to the question.

Lara smiled. "So it's still her? You still love Synthia, don't you?"

Looking on the floor, Daniel nodded. "She is actually the reason I came back here in the country. I'm so happy that I saw her the very minute that I just finished my enrollment. I've been very guilty since the day I left and wasn't even able to say farewell to her. I felt really, really bad since that day."

"When are you planning to tell her you have feeling for her?" she asked.

"No. I don't want to tell it to her yet. I'm afraid she won't accept my love for her and keep her distance from me. I'd rather suffer the consequences of not telling her because I know that being just a friend will last longer that being lovers. And even if she feels the same, which I doubt, I might do something that will hurt her feelings. I do not want that. I'd rather suffer secretly loving her than to grab the opportunity to hurt her," he replied.

"Okay. That is your choice. I cannot do anything about it." Lara pulled out a mirror and started checking on her face.

Their conversation was interupted when Mina and Synthia arrived at their table with their orders. They were carrying a couple of burgers, a spaghetti, a salad and four glasses of red iced tea.

"Whoa. You are fast." He looked at Mina.

Synthia giggled. "Fast? We were already gone for fifteen minutes. I think both of you are really enjoying each other's company." She put their orders down their table and sat beside Lara while Mina left them to get some spoons and forks. "So? What were you two talking about while we're lining up to get our orders?"

Lara found Daniel staring at her and understood right away what the look wanted to tell her. "Nothing. We were just talking about how amazing you look with what you are wearing today. It really fits you."

"Yes. That's what we are talking about. And also somethings about what I was doing while I was out of the country", he added.

"Oh, I see," she said.


The End

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