little bit too riskyMature

The next moning at 6am Zoe woke with a loud shout from her dad calling her name she got up grabbed her dressing gown and went downstairs. She let out a massive gasp and saw Jacob in her mind she thought what was he doing here. She pulled him up the stairs and into her room where she asked what he was doing at her house. '' I want to walk you to college'' said Jacob. ''But why? you hardly ever speak to me so what makes you think that i want to walk to college with you?''questioned Zoe. Zoe was just about to push him out of the door when he stopped her in her tracks and gave her a gift of a kiss on the lips all she could come out with was ''okay your walking me to college, but i need to get dressed so turn around, actually go out of the room ahaha'' ''okay will do but hurry up you still need to have breakfast and get ready and you a women it will take ages'' joked Jacob. He walked out the door to leave Zoe to get ready but after 20 minutes of waiting he got bored and went downstairs to where Zoes dad was they had a chat about how much he rethally liked Zoe and would do any thing to get with her and told him if he dumped Cindy then he would be kicked of the football team and that is his dream to be apart of it.

Of course it doesnt take more then 20 minutes for a girl to get dressed and so Zoe heard the whole conversation but Jacob didnt realise she was standing on the staircase and when she went further down the stairs they saw her coming and started chatting about football like nothing had just happened.

On the way to college they both stopped at the skate park and started to chat ''so hows the football going? questioned zoe ''oh not to bad you know the odd bad days but apart from that its been okay'' answered Jacob. ''oh ok cool well im going to be late for school so ill see you soon yer?'' ''well about that, i was wandering if you would help me with my drama homework like help me with my lines?'' asked Jacob ''yer sure ill meet you here after last bell bye'' Zoe walked off into school to find her friend and when she found her she was crying ''whats up honey? zoe softly speaks. ''That girlfriend of Jacobs called me fat and then pushed me'' sobbed amy. ''what how spiteful can she be im going to go sort this out right now'' Zoe stormed out of the toilets where she had found her friend and when to her first class which was drama. She saw cindy with a group of boys flirting near a stack of chairs and pushed her into them 'yer how does it feel to be pushed about.. dont like it do you, you need to grow up and stop calling my mates fat cause there is no way that amy is fat she is more skinnier then you'' furriously Zoe sat down and looked at Cindy worried what she would do, however Cindy was just sat on the stack of chairs looking stunned whilst everyone laughs at her including Jacob.

The last bell rang at the end of the day and so Zoe and Jacob rushed to the skate park making sure they wasnt to be seen. ''i cant believe you stood up for amy like that, you were amazing'' ''thanks but someone had to, actually before we get onto the homework can i quickly ask for your advice?'' ''yer sure whats up?'' ''well ummm, lets say my friend really liked this boy and he heard him say to one of her family members that he really liked her but he has a girlfriendand if he gives her up then it may ruin his life so what she she do?'' she smiled at Jacob and then Jacob suddenly thought ''oh no you were there when i was speaking to your dad wasnt you?'' '' yer but thats not the point why wouldnt you tell me that you liked me and...'' before Zoe finished talking Jacob took her by suprise and kissed her little did they know that Cindys best mate rosie took a picture of them kissing.

The next day came and Jacob and Zoe saw each other outside of school and started speaking ''how weird is this, i got a text of Cindy saying she has a present for me and said to tell you that she has one for you too'' said Jacob. ''how strange lets go see what it is.'' they both walked into school and saw people giving them odd looks they wondered why people were doing this but they found out when they went through there double doors leading to the corridors. they saw the picture that rosie took of them kissing all over the school walls, lockers and spreaded all over the floor. They looked at each other worriedly and then they saw Cindy coming towards them she smiled at Jacob and Zoe and said hello, then she walked past them talking to rosie. ''why didnt you slap them? asked Rosie. ''because i have a plan to get Jacob back and ruin Zoe's miserable life forever''. Both girls looked at each other and smiled then laughed.

The End

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