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The first course had finished and Zoe ran out in front of everyone into the main hall to meet her friends where they could see that she was so upset and had been crying but when they asked all she could let out was a sniffle. All her friends knew how much she liked Jacob but little did they know that he went to their college. But from the distance Amy noticed Jacob and told the other girls and they wiped away Zoes tears and made her strike a pose but everyone laughed because her skirt was tucked into her knickers from where she went to the toilet. So she went to the office to say their was an emergency at home that she had to attend so the very nice lady let her go home but she was lying and instead of letting her dad see her upset she went to a nearby skate park and sat down. She could see everything here including her college field, the college itself and from the hill she could see the town centre. she was thinking that when times go bad then she would come here its an abandoned skate park with loads of shelter and she knew she would be safe. Suddenly someone interrupted her thoughts, it was Jacob. ''I didn't know that you came here'' spoke Jacob. ''nah i didn't think i would ever either, you know its not my scene but hey i thought why not this day is going so well then i might aswell have a change of scenery'' sarcastically said Zoe. ''oh my god, have you been crying, whats up?'' showing some care Jacob put his arm around Zoe and tried to comfort her but that just brang back memories and made her cry a little more. With tears running down her face she lepted up of the floor and started shouting at Jacob ''you really want to know whats up yeh? well where do i start hmm let me see.... oh yer i remember, firstly not only did i fall in love with someone i thought i could trust he had a girlfriend who hates me and i dont know why. secondly, everything seems to be so wrong in my life that i can never be happy. And thirdly....'' ''Stop what do you want me to do about it. Its not like its me is it so i dont know why you are shouting at me so stop and get over yourself'' Jacob tried to say in a helpful way ''oops im sorry, it didnt mean to turn out that way i, i...'' Zoe got so furious with Jacob that she slapped him and ran away and as she ran something fell out of her bag. Jacob picked it up and opened it, it was photos of Zoes family and friends and so Jacob started flicking through them just to realise they wasnt all just her family and friends there were some of him too and that made him realise that it was him she was talking about and so he carefully placed the photo album in his bag and went to find her but there was someone at the end of the skate park waiting for him. It was Cindy, she was too blonde to realise what was happening and didnt see a thing. ''Why are you out here babe?'' ''oh you know just to get some air and i have no more courses until the afternoon fancy coming back to mine nobody is in?'' Jacob said yes and they went back to Cindys they watched a chick flick and then went upstairs to listen to some music in Cindy's bedroom little did he know that she wanted a bit more then kissing. yer he has done it before but this time didnt feel special and when they started kissing he pulled away. ''what, what did i do?'' asked Cindy ''oh it's not you it's me, listen i gotta go do something i will call you in a bit'' Jacob kissed Cindys forehead and went home to do some thinking. He led in his bed all morning and wondered what was missing from his life, he couldnt figure it out and jumped out of bed to go to his football course.

''oh my god this is going to be so fun'' said Amy. ''I bet this will cheer you up Zoe'' brightfully said maddie ''yer definitely all the hot boys'' Roxy said cheerfully. ''nah the only boy i want has a girlfriend who hates me and isnt interested. do you know what girls your right there are so many boys in the world and im still younge im going to forget about him right now.'' said Zoe. ''yer but bet you cant take your eyes of him all through this course'' said maddie as her eyes wondered to see who else was in the group. ''oh no he is in this group i totally forgot oh well im not interested'' doubtfully Zoe questioned herself whether she should forget about him and she decided that she would.

''oi mate cheer up its footie, you know how much you like a game of footie'' said jack picker one of Jacobs mates. ''yer and i heard their are only four girls in the group'' cheerfully said joseph helt another one of Jacobs mates ''they better be stunners otherwse im out of here'' said mickey jones Jacobs closest mate since nursery. ''they are quite hot you know i heard its that ummm ohh was her name oi joseph help me out here'' rushfully said jack. '' oh its umm amy turner, roxy mayner, maddie roberts and cant think of the other but shes the prize possesion'' giggle Joseph ''who? i wanna know so badly now'' questioned mickey Jacob knew what was coming Zoes three best mates were there so she had to be ''init that thingy girl you know ummm Zoe wheeler'' ''oh yer thats it oh look she's not even taking part, she will be on first aid duty then'' joked jack.

'' so why you not taking part Zoe?'' asked Amy. ''i left my kit dont worry though just say you twisted your anke and you can sit out with me cause ill be the one putting a bandage round your ankle'' said Zoe. ''haha you got first aid duty, i would hate that but then at least your on the sidelines watching the boys'' joked Amy.

The p.e Teacher approached all the teens and gave the first aid box to Zoe she sat down on the benches near to the sidelines of the pitch and watched whilst everyone went into a game of football. Zoe was in her own little world when the whistle blew and someone had been hurt. She couldnt see who it was because everyone was huddled around him but she knew it wasnt the girls because they all got sent in because of their jewellery and makeup and they refused to take all of it off so the teacher said that he would take them of the course. Zoe snapped out of her little world just to realise it was Jacob that had been hurt.  He hobbled over to her and sat on the floor and started talking. ''Listen, about earlier im so sorry it didnt mean to come out that way it's just i was so stressed and i didnt realise you was talking about me and i didn't mean to lie about having a girlfriend its just you never asked and i didnt think you felt that way about me''. ''its fine now give me your ankle so i can bandage it up''. ''bandage it up just to look like its hurt, but i only faked it to come and talk to you, ive got your photo album it fell out of your bag when you rushed off earlier, dont worry i didnt look in it... much'' '' oh my god i cant believe you i thought i could trust you i mean ummm yer whatever''. ''listen earlier Cindy took me back to her place and we...'' '' i dont want to know what you and cindy were doing ewww'' ''no listen seriously, we started kissing but i pulled away and i realised i was missing something and i never realised it before'' ''a condom maybe haha jokes'' laughed Zoe. ''No not a condom it was something, it was someone, it was you.'' Zoe glared into Jacob's eyes to realise that he was telling the truth. she loved him so much but just couldnt tell him she stood up and said ''well i don't care i don't like you in the slightest bit and you have a girlfriend and i dont like you'' she walked away and that left Jacob thinking again. He spoke out loud to himself ''i know she really likes me but can i seriously do to prove how much i care for her and if i dump Cindy then she will tell her dad and he is the coach of the football team so what can i do i need to find a way i can get Zoe i really like her.

The End

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