Three days later and john's phone had rang he got the job but he had to go back for a second interview so they can tell him all his duties and what he has to do. So that day at noon he went into the office where he met marie his boss. she was really pretty and wasnt like any other boss. she treated her work force like they were her friends but she looked at john very differently and treated him differently. She treated him as though they were boyfriend and girlfriend and you could tell that they liked each other loads. They decided to meet up and get to know each other so the night after they had dinner at johns house and marie brought her son jacob along with her as she found out that her pa had two children. Jacob was really nice and sweet and he was the lead player of the football team at his collage. They knocked at john's door and a slim dark haired young lady answered the door and politefully said 'please come in and make yourself at home'. So marie and jacob walked in and marie introduced jacob to everyone. Zoe thought he was weird at first and they didnt really speak to each other. They went in the back garden to leave their parents to talk to each other. 'so whats your hobbies?' asked Zoe. 'Oh just the usual things like football, acting, and hanging out with friends. what about you?' spoke jacob. 'The same really just when me and mates hang it we do alot of gossiping.' the night draw to a close and the more Zoe and jacob got to know each other the more they liked each other. Jacob asked to see Zoe again so they will meet up after Zoe finishes babysitting Rosie tomorrow. That same night john and marie could tell that jacob and Zoe liked each other so they would stay just mates as they couldnt feel any connection between them. But Zoe called of the date because she was scared going on her first date with someone that she hardly knew so Jacob ditched her and hung out with his mates for the night. which left Zoe really upset.
The summer holidays have just ended and john had earned money to pay the first term of Zoe's college course. She didnt want to go because she is the only new one in her course. She is doing two courses the first one is drama because she loves acting out and she knows so much about it. The second course is a football course as she loves seeing all the boys watching her plus she wants to either be a footballer or an actress. The football course wasnt the one that got her thinking much because her 3 best friends amy turner, roxy mayner and maddie roberts were in their so she didnt have much to worry about but for their second course they were doing beauty instead of Drama and so she didnt really know who was going to be in her group so she was petrified of going to her first class.

So day one fastly approached Zoe and she was sat in registration all alone at the back whilst everyone was talking to their friends about the summer holidays. But unlucky for Zoe their was a late comer to registration which was cindy 'princess' proud she was one of the popular girls in high school and would always want everything her way even the boys. She was always mean to Zoe in classes in high school and Zoe had never done anything wrong to her so Zoe tried to stay out of her way but when the bell went for their first course Zoe stood up and went to walk to the front of the class where the door was but cindy was their first and tripped Zoe up so she fell out of the door into the corridor where everyone could see her and she got laughed at so much that she couldnt take it any more she ran to the toilets and saw her friends bunking their course but they all got caught and got sent to their courses. Zoe thought that she was really late so she tried sneaking in but the teacher wasnt even their yet so she thought phew im actually early to a lesson just to find that the teacher who caught her bunking was the teacher that she had for 2 years for drama and she was gutted. As every other late comer came in she spotted a very familiar face and when she finally saw who it was she swung back her chair and fell off it. It was Jacob Flink the boy she met in the summer but he was with cindy. With their arms around each other they walked up to Zoe. Cindy fastly approached her and said '' Didnt know you took Drama, a bit out of your league dont you think'', ''maybe but we're not all like you , you know'' ''whats that then?'' queried Cindy.  ''A drama Queen'' '' i am so not a drama queen how can you say that to me you bitch!'' argued Cindy. '' so how long you two been a couple then?'' asked Zoe. ''dont know why its any of your business but 6 weeks today'' said Cindy ''what all through the summer you were going out?'' and thats when Zoe could feel her heart sinking.

The End

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