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a lady and Zoes dad get together for a business meeting and they become mates but the 3rd meeting is at the dads house where they introduce both of their children. at this time they dont like each other and they are enemies, they have some of the same interest's but they dont know it yet. as this is the summer holidays they are both looking forward to going to their first year in college. little do they know that they are in the same drama class. they then get partnered up together in an assignm

It was a hot sunny day and the birds were chirping. But Zoe was stuck inside babysitting her younger sister Rosie, she was adorable until you were inside with her all day. Ever since there mother julia died last year the only person keeping the family together was Zoe. she was young herself but she knew she had to keep the family healthy and well. She had done loads for her family. she even got her dad of a drug addiction after their mother passed away. she was really pretty and very polite. But if something had upset someone that she loved then she would be a totally different person. That morning Zoe had sent her dad out on a search to find a job, this is the fifth day in a row that he has left Zoe home alone with her sister but she was getting use to it because it means if her dad gets a job then there will be more money coming in and she could go to collage and do her drama course so she hoped that it would be fifth time lucky for her dad. At three in the afternoon her dad had came back he looked really gloomy and when he walked through the door rosie had said 'dont worry about it dad, theres plenty more jobs out there'. but he gave a cheeky grin and told her that he had an interview and that he was only looking gloomy for a joke. The next day the wheeler family woke up bright and early and sat round the breakfast table. Zoe straightened out her dad john's tie and sent him out to go to his interview.
At the interview john has to wait a couple of hours as there is other people getting interviewed for this particular job. He is applying for this as a women works in the halfons office and she needs a pa to help her out. After one hour and fourty five minutes of waiting john was called in and the women asked to see his cv, he showed it to her and said that this is the best one that she has seen so far. However there is still more people to be interviewed but it is looking good for him. A few questions later the interview was over and the women was very pleased she said she will get back to him if he had the job.

The End

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