I stood on the large stage. The curtain was droped, and the boys where on my right and my left.  We were waiting for Mary's Song, by Taylor Swift, to come on. 

I was playing all of the girl roles,  Henry, a 13 year old boy, would play the boy role.  There would be four other dancers, plus two girls from the baby class. They would play our 'kids'.

It had been a year since Max and I had kissed, since than Henry and I had gone out, and kissed, the boy to my left, John, my boyfriend now, had kissed five times. 

The music came on, the curtain opened.  After that, I didn't think. I just moved. I did all the steps,  the moves where done right.  When I was tossed in the air, I did the spilt right.  I know I was done. The two girls walked out and hugged us, did a turn, and that was it.  We did it all right.

Up next, I was doing my solo. I didn't know why I picked the song I did, but I did. It was "Put your records on".  I was not expecting what happend next.

I was pulling my hair out of the bun, and I heard a door open. I was trained well enough not to look. That soon didn't become a way to go.

"Graicie!!" said my best friends voice. I didn't stop my dance, and didn't pay mind to it.

When I was finshed, I saw a fingure running.

The End

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