I reached my favorite place ever. The creek. It wasn't tiny, it was huge. There where big, huge rocks that I liked to climb. 

                     I ran over to the biggst rock, and climbed up it easily and sat on top of it. Tears filled my eyes.  I layed down, the blue paint hair coverd my hair.  I begin to cry harder, thinking about telling my Mother about my hair.

                        "Gracie?!" said a scard voice.  I cried harder in reply.

                        "GRACE!" Max said. He had spoted my hiding spot and was runnig towards it. He climbed as fast as I had. Even faster.

                                  "Leave me alone!" I yelled.



"No, Gracie. I'm not leaving."

"Are you happy? Look at my hair! Don't hurt me!" I was yelling random things at him, getting my feelings out.

"Gracie, your mad! I would neaver hurt you! I... love you!" He seemed to think about what to say.  Than it hit me, I love you? No, he didn't love me! He loves what's her face, that little thing he calls a girl, whats her name..Jamie! Yea, why would he love me? I'm just a blue haired freak! The girl who is in ballet, the girl who'd reather do leaps than climb trees.

"Yes, Max! You love me! Sure, you do! Don't say that Max, you know it's a lie!"

"It's not."

"Ok, if you do, kiss me!" I said that before I thought about it.  No way would he kiss me! No way!

"Do you want me to?"


"Fine!" He leaned in, and kissed me. Before I know what I was doing, I kissed him back.

"Wow," we both said. He grabbed my hand, and lead me to the creek.

"I'll get that paint  out, Girly."

I sat on the edge, and he pulled up his jeans and stepped in to the Creek and cupped water and poured it on my head.

When we where done, we walked back to my house, hand in hand.





The End

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