Love story

                                                     I ran into my bedroom.  Max and his parnets were coming over to my house for are normal Saturday 'Party."

                                         Max is 12, and I'm 11.  Max and I have been best friends since we where babies. We always play outside. Even when it's winter, thats all we do.

I ran into my closet, and picked out a pair of leggings and a jean skirt. Than, I picked out a sweater with a peace sign. I put it on slowly, and than flopped on my bed. I grabed my I pod, and put the the head phones in.  I closed my eyes as "Put your Records On" filled my ears.  I felt a big flop next to me.

"Hey, what are you listening to?" said Max. I ripped my headphones out, and laughed.

"You hate the song." I said with a giggle.

"Put your records on?"


"Ok, Girly. Are we going to paint that tree house of yours?" I laughed. Girly had been his name for me since I was in first grade.

My teacher, Mr.Simons, called me that. I was one of three girls, the other two, Mary and Finoa, where tom-boys. So, I was the only girl in a dress.  When he called me that in front of Max, that become his name for me.

"Yea, let me grab my paint." I ran into my closet and grabed a can of blue paint. Than, a white can. I picked up my brushes, and ran into my room.

"Ok, lets go."


The End

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