Chapter 4-ENDMature

Feeling hangovery, I found myself waking up inside a glass coffin, wearing a dress right out of a fairy tale. I lifted my hands up slowly and touched the glass cover. There were holes in the glass, most likely for breathing. Grogginess still lingered in me, and thinking felt hard.

Where was I?

 The ceiling had dim lights, and that was all I could see. I tried pushing the cover up, but it was too heavy. I sighed, my breath fogging the glass.

 “You awake, Quentenne?”

 His face suddenly appeared behind the glass, giving me the same smile as the one in the hall. My face twisted in disgust, which hurt to do. “Don’t speak of my name so casually.”

 He frowned, “Do you not know who I am? I would think that we were close enough that I could call your name.”

 I attempted to pry my mind into remembrance, but found nothing in this state of grogginess. I shook my head, “I don’t recall meeting you.”

His countenance began to drop. I sighed and tried to think harder about where I would meet such a man. Then it hit me.

 “You’re… you’re the owner of the building I live in, aren’t you? I remember the day you allowed me to rent a room.”

He brightened up again, touching the glass. “Yes! Good girl. I’m… happy you remember. I’m excited, even- I didn’t think you would remember me. I kinda thought I wouldn’t even matter to you.” He laughed a rather hysteric, panicked laugh. “But then, every time we would pass each other, you would always smile so sweetly and greet me. It was then I knew that I mattered to you, and that you knew I mattered to you.”

 I struggled to even remotely recall any of these moments when I ever did any of this, considering I did this with basically anyone out of courtesy. But I didn’t think that the impact would be like this…

 “Who are you, anyways? Can you at least give me that? I mean, why would you do all of this to me…?”

 “I want to know that if I tell you my name, you’ll remember it and it alone. Only my name needs to be important. I did all of this because I cared, and I wanted you to know that I was still looking out for you. All of your cute reactions, I wanted to see them all, and I alone.”

An uneasy feeling swept through me like wildfire.

 “In any case,” he opened the lid and pulled out a needle from his pocket. “We’ll have all of eternity to be with each other.”

 My eyes widened at the sight of the needle, “What's in that?”

 He smiled and gently pushed my hair back, plunging the needle into my neck, “Eternity.”

The End

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