I sat in my bedroom, sketching animè people, happy in love, holding hands. Memories of Bailey were being sketched through my mind, like I had sketched on the paper I was holding in front of me. I screwed up the paper and threw it into my bin - missing by just a fraction of an inch, to join the crumpled white groups of paper that were already sat still on the hard shiny flooring. I snatched another piece of paper from my draw and drew a giant broken heart and shaded it carefully. Next to it, I drew a tear. Placing it on my bed, I waltzed over to my window and opened it, letting a fresh breeze whisk into my cramped bedroom. My eyes were shut as I let the crisp, cold, but at the same time refreshing atmosphere touch my face. As I gently opened my eyes, I saw..


This time, with a different girl. Doesn't surprise me. I climbed out of my window and sat on the widow sill, jumping from there onto the gas pipe, and then I slid down that, managing to do it gracefully at the same time.

"Laura." I hear him mutter my name to himself.

"What?" His soon to be heart broken girlfriend said, confused.

"Nothing. Come on, Abi. Lets go," He whispered to her.

"Wait!" I say, licking the inside of my mouth and holding one finger up in the air. I pulled aside Abi. Her blonde hair was blown by the bitter wind I had been enjoying two minutes ago. Her white teeth clacked together as her jaw jumped up and down in reaction to the freezing temperature.

"Don't trust him. You don't want to end up like me." I said, pulling up my jumper sleeves to reveal my scars that stood out on my pale wrists.

"HE did that?!" She asked in shock. Wow, she was dumb.

"No. I did it. He drove me to depression, which made me do it." I looked at her tanned body and her stunned face. "Just be careful, okay?"

She nodded. "Sure." She whipped her hair around and returned to an annoyed looking Bailey. He shot me an evil and walked away. Suddenly, I heard my Mum's voice shouting for me in the cosy and warm house.

"Er, Yeah?!" I shout in a hurry, jumping up the pipe and onto my window sill.

"Dinner," She replied. I lifted my leg over the glass and hopped into warmness.

"Okay but I'm eating it in my room!!" I shouted again. I quickly pulled down my sleeves making sure my family couldn't see my scars.

The End

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