Sam Sneaks Sally In...

Sam's Mam

Sams Mam was a looker; Sams mam was a peach.  She had a body like Venus, but not out of reach.  Her hair was spun gold, her bikini was tight.    She'd keep all the young men awake through the night.  With dreams of fair Sarah, with fantasies unpure.  She'd give them a fever, then offer the cure.

She walked like she owned the place, she knew what to do.  She'd soak up the sun, she'd give them a view.  She'd drink something hot, then eat something too.  She'd turn and she'd fret til someone came by, someone hot and inviting with a passionate eye.

She found her way down to the azure blue pool; she followed her instinct, she followed no rule.  She claimed a deck chair and turned towards the sun, she removed her Sari, and undid her bun, let her hair fall to her waist: the damage was done.

The poolboy was eager, the poolboy was strong, he had abs like Adonis and hair that was long.  He brought her a drink with a flower inside, said it was symbolic, said it had lied on the banks of a river where lovers crept off to find sweet release on the grasses so soft.  

He massaged her body with oil so slick, left her moaning in pleasure, she got there so quick!  "I want you, fair lady" the pool boy confessed.  "I want to enflame you and give you no rest."

Sarah smiled with success, she smiled with glee.  Her age was no obstacle, for youth such as he.  She lifted her palm, she lifted her eyes,  "Then show me the river, let your body give rise to the passions that guide you, and give you *such* size.  You can eat me and drink me, fold me in four, for one hour only, and not one minute more!"

The pool boy smiled then, the pool boy did grin.  He ached for her touch, and now he was in.  He enfolded fair Sarah in arms of pure gold, he kissed her with passion that could never grow cold.  He was about to carry her off to the stream, when from far above, they heard a great scream.

"I'm naked, God-damn it, I'm naked I say!  Get me my dress or I'll make you pay!"  Some girl stood out on a high window-sil, ten storeys up: her clothing was nil.  The girl banged on the window, she moaned and she cried, but nothing she did got her inside.

Sarah felt something was strange to the core.  The girl looked familiar, Sarah'd seen her before.  But the poolboy was insistent, and his hands were so rough, he led Sarah off, and showed her his stuff...

The End

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