Their Intimacy Gets Cut Short...

Sally reached for Sam's pants, her hands all afire.  She undid his belt, driven by her desire.  Tonight was the night they'd come forth at last, let nothing forestall this virginal blast.

Sam shook with excitement, he shivered with joy.  He bumped the room table, he spilled the brown soy.  His demeanor did change, his frustration grew thick, he huffed and he puffed, he began to feel sick.  But Sally saw through his act of dismay, he'd been so damned nervous; it was only a delay.

Sally laughed with tenderness and sat Sam on the bed.  She soothed him with a touch, she cradled his head.  "Relax, my love, we aren't in a hurry."  But to Sam's teary eyes, her visage was blurry.  "This was a prelude, but a taste of the sun, Our future is bright, our dawn not begun. "

Taking napkin in hand, Sally made Sam lie down.  She dipped napkin in water, then turned right around.  The napkin was white, Sam's pants were brown, and the soy all around was brown to the ground.   Sally leaned forward slightly, her head Sam did pet.  She scrubbed Sam's pants, she'd never forget the look on his face, the look in his eyes, the fantasy he harbored, that gave him such sighs.

But at that moment a key in the door made Sally bolt upright, fear touching her core.  She glanced at Sam, who was lost in his dream; she glanced at the floor, where her dress was last seen.  She uttered a yip, she turned around twice, she danced the babushka, her veins filled with ice.

The bolt shot back with a resounding kathunk. Sam leapt off the bed, feeling panicked and frunk.  He opened the window, he shouted out "hey!" and thrust Sally out, before she could say "I'm naked, God-damn it, I'm naked I say.  Get me my dress or I'll make you pay!"

But Sam shut her out on the thin windowsill, he yanked on the curtains, and cursed Hy-brazil.  He spun round once, he spun round twice.  He faced his dear father, smelling of bourbon and spice.

Pap stood there a moment, shock and rue warring for dominance in his expression and hue.  He looked to Sam's pants, he looked to the floor, he saw Sally's dress, and started to snore.  There were so many things he could possibly have said, but rather than that, he dropped to the bed.

The End

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