sam and sally go home

Samuel (for that was the full form of his name) had only just transferred the contents of his luggage into their respective and appropriate new quarters when his papa opened the door (having just knocked of course) and addressed his son thus:

"My son, it is with regret that I have to inform you that matters beyond my control have compelled me to return to our Homeland at once. I therefore have no choice but to request that you and my wife accompany me on our return journey to England. Kindly remove all the items which you have placed in cupboards, wardrobes and other such venues and replace them neatly in your suitcase and your small bag. I shall return in fourteen and a half minutes. Upon my return you are to be ready. God Bless England."

"God Bless England," said Samuel, saluting.

Meanwhile in the adjacent chamber of the hotel the mother of Sarah (for that was Sally's full designation) was instructing her daughter on the likely course that the future had to offer.

"My daughter Sarah," she said quietly. "You and your father are, I am afraid to say, to cease your holidaying and revelling at this juncture, as am I."

A look of sadness yet determination crossed her face.

"I am unable to divulge the true reason for our sudden and hasty departure but, needless to say, the reason is a sound one and, were you to know it, you would understand the cause of my being compelled not to reveal it at the current juncture. Though it pains me to say it, your co-operation will be appreciated - and is, indeed, required. You must re-pack your belongings and I shall meet you in the hotel foyer in precisely fourteen minutes. It would have been fifteen but it has taken me so long to deliver this speech that the clock is, I fear, in danger of beating us."

Sarah stood and bowed respectfully to her mother before moving items of clothing and other sundries to her suitcase and girl's briefcase.

By one of those extraordinary coincidences Sarah and Samuel emerged from their respective chambers (that is he from his and she from hers) at the same point in the timeline.

They made their way to the airport with their families and took off, which is more than can be said of their holiday...

The End

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