sam gose out with sally

They got to the hotel.  They went to the desk.  They checked in their rooms, all arabesque.

Sam's Mam found her swimsuit and went to the pool.  Sam's Pap found his wallet and went to the bar.

Sam was left all alone, though he'd promised to be good.  He knew this was his moment, He knew that he should grab it with gusto, grab it with glee, let none take his passion for the fair blonde Sally.

Sam felt excited; Sam felt relieved.  He called the desk clerk and ordered dinner for two.  His passion grew stronger; his vision grew dim, he showered and shaved; he practiced kung fu.  He called Sally up and invited her in; her family didn't know he was planning such sin. 

He wore his very best suit, his very best tie, his very best shoes, though he wasn't sure why.  He paced back and forth, waiting with fear, knowing that soon, Sally would appear.

The End

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