sam meet sally

Sam got in the taxy with his mam and dad and the man sad wear our you goning to and sams dad sad spain and the taxy man sad wear in spain you idiot and sams dad sad ok ok you dont knead to get nasty and the taxy man sad sorry its been a long day wear are you goning to and sams dad sad wear goning to the hotal and the taxy man sad ok that will be 15 euros and drove them to the hotal.

When they got to the hotal the taxy man sad that will be 190 euros and i hope you got the mony to pay for it and sams dad sad hear it is i hope you choke on it you thieving swine.

Inside the hotal sam sad is sally hear and the ricepionist sad yes i am sally and sam sore that it was sally and he sad do you want to go out with me and she sad yes so they goed to the pool.

While they were their the hotal turned into a sort of a milkshake it flowed away sams dad was sad bicause he payd all that mony and they had nowear to sleep there was just milkshake evrywear.

Salls mam sad keep away from the pool but sam and sally didnt and the hole thing turnd into bitter lemmon and they wear all shugary from swiming about in it.

They tryd to dry themselves on the towls but unforchnately the towls turnd into mars bars and it made them even more shugary.

Sorry i cant think of nuthing else. Goodby.

The End

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