love shack

Sam was goning on holiday today.He was goning to spain he was packing his suitcase. There was a knock at the door his mam went to answer it... There standing at the door was this lovely girl with blonde hair she was called sally. Sally said " can i see sam please"   sams mam shouted "SAM!!!"...... Sam came downstairs " hi" said sally "hey" sam said to sally "i am goning on holiday today" sam softly said "where to " whisperd sally "spain" said sam. Sally was goning to spain as well today and they were goning on the same plane and they were goning on in the same hotal as each other. "i got to go" sally said "ok" said sam "see ya there sam " sally whisperd. So sam went upstairs to carry on packing 10 mins later sam had finshed packing. He and his family went to the airport sam saw sally at the airport and sally saw sam as well. 1 hour later sam and his family go onto the plane and sally got on with her family as well it took 4 hours to get to there and 12 mins to get to the hotal ...........

The End

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