Dave join to Mary to strike Tommy to reduce his stress

    Dave felt more comfortable with hearing this news. But it sounded fantastic. Dave decided to make sure it by asking Mary face to face. He went to the center of the pub and gave Mary a light clap on her back,"Hi, Mary. I need to talk with you. Just minutes." Mary knew Dave must have many qustions now. She must give him a explanation to console  his heart. " wait a minute Tommy, I will be back soon." Mary said and go away with Dave. "Darling, trust me what Jenny said is true. I just want him pay back the money. His character is bad. I just want to leave him far away after I get my money. You know if you want to marry me our wedding will cost so much money or you have no idea about this."Mary smiled. Dave could not say anything but a hug. "It seems that I should do your a favor for your hand in marriage. Let's go and get your money."

     In fact,when they came back. Tommy was already disappeared. But never mind, they knew how to trust each other which worth more than thousands of 200$.

The End

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